Why is Jelena Jankovic defending herself this much?


Jelena JankovicJelena Jankovic is apparently too insecure because of not winning a single Grand Slam title, as she constantly feels the need to defend herself in terms of her No.1 ranking.

I feel like Yes in fact I’m the best player in the world. To be number one is no small accomplishment. It’s something people dream of achieving. And it’s not just being number one in the middle of the year, and then slowing down. This is huge. At this point, I’d rather finish the year at No. 1 rather than have a Slam. You can have a lucky two weeks, a draw opened up, you receive that check and glory and then maybe not win another title ever again. Being on top of the rankings takes a far greater commitment.

Yes, I agree, it is huge to achieve a season-ending top ranking, and I think Jelena deserves to be number one, but why diminish somebody else’s also huge success and constantly emphasize your own.

Jankovic was over-criticized for being a No.1 player without ever winning a Grand Slam, but she shouldn’t fight those accusations by saying that Grand Slam titles are not that big a deal. She should prove herself with hard work and good results that will come, and I can congratulate her for doing exactly that, but she should also avoid this kind of statements so that she could gain utmost respect. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I think it has something to do with the media emphasizing her lack of a GS. If they keep asking her questions regarding it, then she may keep answering and defending herself. And not all the time will she want to be self-effacing.

  2. It definitely has to do with the media emphasizing her lack of a GS, and I understand she’s fed up with that. But I also think that she could make a greater effect by not letting them affect her and by doing her thing and proving them wrong by good tennis results. I know it’s not easy to do, we’re all emotional, but I think that it would be a much better and more efficient way.


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