Jelena Jankovic still not revealing her new clothing sponsor


Jelena Jankovic has updated her blog from Melbourne, and has answered some of our questions, like the one that the clothes she wore at the JB Group Classic were simply her own. However, the world No.1 still can’t reveal who her official new clothing sponsor will be.

Look what she said:

Some people have been wondering what clothes I’ll be wearing this year because in Hong Kong last week I was wearing clothes with my initials, JJ on them. Those were my own clothes, though. I can’t tell you all what I’ll be wearing in Australia, because I haven’t signed any contracts yet. I can’t say anything until it’s made official. I hope you all like it though!

Also, Jankovic’s contract with Prince has expired, and she still hasn’t decided to which brand she will switch, but the change will probably happen soon. However, JJ will continue to use Prince for some time, as it takes time to get used to a new racquet and the Australian Open is very close.


  1. im interested with her at the moment.
    i look forward to seeing her at the australian open to reveal her new clothing company.

    im sure she’ll look really good, as of course her being world number 1, the clothing sponser would have something special lined up because of that, and her new debut.

    On another note, it might sound stupid, but im sad that maria sharapova has missed the last two slams, her outfits out have been amazing! I hope someone wears her outfits, though, i doubt.

  2. i suppose the contract will be settled until the australian open. i hope jj won’t wear her own clothes at the AO too.

    maria’s missed both for her game and her on-court glamor.


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