Serena Williams moves into Australian Open second round


Three-time Australian Open champion Serena Williams reached the second round of the first Grand Slam of the year with a 6-3 6-2 victory over world No.123 Meng Yuan of China.

Williams didn’t lose any of her service games and won the match after 75 minutes on her first match point.

I have to say that Serena’s dress surprised me. She’s wearing nothing like we had expected. Oh well, we’ve learned so far that those predictions of future outfits should be taken with a grain of salt.

In the second round Serena Williams will play either Anastasiya Yakimova of Belarus or Gisela Dulko of Argentina.


  1. oh marija, i hate this outfit!
    i am so dissapointed. what do you think?

    i mean, i dont like the shape, design, print.
    nothing! watching her play, i’ve noticed shes playing really heavey. like, she has massive swings on her forehand!

    i hope she wins!

    have a good day marija!

  2. I agree the outfit predictions aren’t really accurate. Perhaps it’s just a marketing strategy by apparel companies to make us follow up with their new range of clothing.

    By the way, I’ll be rooting for a final match between Serena and Elena 😉

  3. Good to see both the sisters get through. Serena took it very casually today but did enough to win pretty easily. Alhtough I dont love her dress what I do like is that its a little crazy and out there like the Serena of old who shocked you with her outfits. The last few years her outfits were progresively becoming more and more bland so it was nice to see her spice it up. I still think Maria Kirilenko has had the best outfit by far.

  4. That print shocked me at first glance, and I wouldn’t buy that dress, but I think it functions well on Serena. As for the shape, I think it’s good. Actually, I think something like this dress suits Serena better than the other one we though she would wear. This dress is more memorable, and I think such outfits go best with Serena’s personality. Just like Sarah said.

    By the way, I read this quote of Serena’s: “One year I wasn’t able to come back and defend my title. One year I went crazy. A couple of years I went completely crazy. So hopefully I’ll be able to stay focused this year.” Hahahaha.

  5. maybe nike changed the whole theme of the australian open outfits. cause of maria.
    i mean, serena’s, maria’s and daniela’s future dresses looked the same kind of, so like, now maria cant play, nike have givin them different outfits, and saving them for the roland garros.

  6. i’m not sure what nike’s up to, but the print on serena’s dress is a product of very little work. look what serena said:

    Q. Your outfit was nice today. What inspired your choice?

    SERENA WILLIAMS: Thanks. It was a pattern. Most of the time the outfits are always solid. But I love patterns. I’m really inspired by prints, like Pucci, and things like that.

    Actually with that, I did the design. We had someone come over. I remember I was sitting in my apartment. I literally had to go to like different websites, not websites, but pages on the computer and kind of graphically design the pattern. So it was interesting. You know, it was just really weird concepts. We came up with some circles and some lines, just kind of things like that. It was cool.

    Q. How long did it take you?

    SERENA WILLIAMS: It didn’t take long. Probably took like two hours at the most, so…


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