Maria Sharapova officially pulls out of Paris and Dubai


Maria SharapovaYesterday I wrote that Maria Sharapova’s participation in the Open GDF SUEZ and Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships was doubtful, but now it’s been confirmed on her official website that she won’t play those events which start on February 9th and 16th.

The reason for Sharapova’s withdrawal is of course the infamous shoulder injury. It’s worrying because she withdrew from the Australian Open saying her shoulder was doing great, adding that she just wasn’t at the high enough level to compete at such a tournament.

However, now she’s pulling out of Paris and Dubai saying: “My shoulder continues to improve every day and I am working very hard on the practice court. I’m looking forward to being back on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour very soon.” (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Sharapova’s injury is more serious than anyone expected. I hope she doesn’t become like an old car: running good for a few months and broken down the next.

  2. Nacho, on her website, she said she was aiming for Palm Springs or Miami. Her shoulder should have been healed, as the doctor told her she could practice.

    Carlos, I agree, this is lasting for too long, much longer than I had expected. It’s too serious now.

  3. Maria will come back and rise to the top again
    Probably she got the wrong advice for rest at the beginning. Surgery fixed her shoulder. It is a matter of time now


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