Bethanie Mattek launches first official website

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Bethanie Mattek launches first official website

Bethanie Mattek has launched her first official website. It seems more and more players are finally starting to realize the importance and benefits of a personal website.

Bethanie’s site reflects her style, so you can imagine it doesn’t look plain. As for the functionality, I don’t find it practical when you need two clicks to reach the homepage. Other than that, I consider the site quite user-friendly. It’s easy to navigate and there’s enough useful information: press releases, Bethanie’s blog, biography, pictures, etc.

Visit to see the site yourself. What are your impressions?


  1. Its AWESOME as they say in America. Bethanie’s Bouidior!! lol. The style suits Beth, reflects her personality as you say.

    True, the two clicks flash thing maybe needs looking at, but it certainly raises the bar for player sites. I think I’ve visited them all at one time or another, and Bethanie’s is the best so far, with all the latest flash gizmo’s.

  2. The site itself is done mostly in flash which takes a long time to load and isnt good for search engines.

    It is good to see that she has realised she needs a website and a presence online is only going to boost her popularity. However it is more like a band website than a tennis players website 😉

  3. As I said, the website reflects Bethanie’s personality, and that’s why she can go away with a website that resembles one of a band or a music star. It would be strange if she had a typical website of a tennis player.


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