Maria Sharapova to miss Sony Ericsson Open

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Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova had made a little comeback, playing only doubles at Indian Wells last week, but this week we’re already hearing she’ll skip the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

After her first-round loss in doubles, the Russian admitted her form was not on high-enough level to play singles, so the withdrawal from Miami didn’t come as a shock.

We’re still wondering when Sharapova will be ready to return to playing normally. She’s been injured since April 2008 and has not played a tournament in singles since the Rogers Cup in Montreal in the summer of 2008. (source: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. Its true

    its on the wta website interestin to see this

    but she made it obvious to her fans wen interviewed at indian wells she said that she was not making any time lines anymore so im not surprised

    i think her return will be one of te smaller events on green clay as she gets her shoulder strength fully back

  2. I agree, but i think she should play an ITF event or two to help with the rehabilitation of her shoulder.

    I do miss her grunting though.

  3. I liked her decision to play doubles only at Indian Wells, but it seems she won’t repeat a doubles appearance.

  4. I think at this stage we’ll be lucky if she’s playing again by Wimbledon! Maybe she’ll do a Tatiana Golovin on it and stop playing altogether. Does anyone know anything about her these days by any chance?

  5. She will hardly do a golovin

    golovin injury was a totally different she had arthiriies in her back and she cant play at all.

    Sharapova is getting her strength in her shoulder back so BRONA stop talking rubbish cause u dont have a clue.


  6. The last I heard from her was related to her SI Swimsuit issue, which I’m sure you’ve seen. Oh, she’s No.798 now! How disappointing.

  7. Oh, Seamus, come on, you shouldn’t talk to Bróna like that. She was just assuming, and it’s not appropriate to say to her that she was “talking rubbish”.

  8. It didnt come as a huge shock that she wont be playing in Miami. Im sort of hoping she will be back by the European clay season. Im not holding my breath for the green cly thats for sure. I dont think we have to worry about her not coming back. She is to driven and she is taking her time, she wants to be 100% before she returns to singles action.

  9. Sarah, I wasn’t shocked either. I agree, it’s very important Maria is motivated and determined to return ASAP. The only problem is for how much longer her shoulder won’t be 100% and how much it will affect Maria’s career and game.

  10. Well Seamus, I was actually joking! I want Maria to come back as much as the next person and I do think she will be back eventually! And my name is spelled Bróna not Brona. Thanks for that Marija!

  11. Bróna, you said absolutely nothing wrong nor stupid. Seamus must be very stressed out because of Maria’s absence, so I think we should forgive his a bit rude behavior.

  12. I agree Marija, and I do forgive him. I apologise to him though if he somehow managed to find my comments offensive. Just giving my opinion!

  13. it suckz that she w0nt be playing in miami i really miss seeing her on c0urt.. But i guess its better to take her time and wait till she feels 100% ready,so hopefully b4 french open (fingers cr0ssed) she’s back!


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