Serena Williams’ Signature Statement collection to debut on HSN in April


Serena Williams‘s collection of accessories and clothing called Signature Statement will debut on Home Shopping Network on April 30th.

“I always want to make a statement, both on and off the court,” said the world No.1. “One of my dreams has always been to share gorgeous gifts of fashion and luxury with the world. Off the court, my passion is fashion. Signature Statement is my own line of accessories and fashion, complete from jewelry to dresses.”

The collection will retail from $29.95 to $100. Serena describes the accessories as “feminine, classic, statement pieces.”

The tennis star used the opportunity to show off her Signature Statement pieces in the press conference for the Sony Ericsson Open.

Check out this video of Serena presenting her collection.


  1. On january 17 you published an article that Serena was effected by the financial crisis. Now she is doing her own line of accessories and clothing, what a hypocrite.

  2. on january 17 an article was posted that Serena was effected by the financial crisis. Now she launches her own line of accessories and clothing. I think she is a hypocrite.

  3. Personally, I don’t see a problem there. Think this way, she may be using the collection to earn some money don’t forget the huge prize she won at the exo in New York alone.


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