Jelena Dokic’s father Damir isn’t abusive, he just threatens people with bombs

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Statements by Jelena Dokic surfaced yesterday, revealing that she was physically abused by her father as a child. The full story will be available on Thursday, in Herald’s Sport & Style, but we already have complications.

Damir Dokic, who by the way hung up when contacted by the Herald, threatened the Australian ambassador in Belgrade that he would blow up her car with a grenade launcher if she didn’t do something about the interview.

According to Serbian paper Blic, Damir confirmed he made the threatening phone call, and claimed that the article about his abusiveness was full of lies and that the ambassador had to fight that as a representative of a country.

“Ambassador is a representative of a country and has to react, to call the Information Minister and take all the steps so that the person who launched the text full of lies could be punished,” said Damir.

I’m fed up with that country launching lies that ruined my family, primarily my daughter Jelena,” he added.

Oh come on, this man doesn’t seem aggressive at all. I can’t picture him physically abusing his daughter. It’s irony, guys. And also, what does poor ambassador have to do with Damir’s personal problems? Oops, I should be careful with Damir, I may be his next target. You never know.

Helpful info: Dokic was born in the former Yugoslavia, but migrated to Sydney with her family as a child and represented Australia at the 2000 Olympics. She renounced her Australian ties in 2001 to move back to Serbia, then decided to begin competing for Australia again in 2006. (via Off the Baseline)


  1. I’m so sick of this guy and I’m not surprise at all that Damir physically abuse his daughter. I get the feeling that he only wants the spotlight, so the media should do us all a favor an ignore this guy. I blame Damir for everything that went wrong in Jelena’s life from her career to her personal life. He is the poster child of abusive parents. I have other chosen words for Damir but I won’t mention them. I only wish all the best for Jelena.

  2. I don’t hold ANYTHING against Damir Dokic or jelena. All of it is negative publicity created by the Austrailian media at the request of the women’s tennis association. It HATES the fact that jelena dokic is a real star. See the wta likes to manufacture its fake stars like serena williams, justine hennin, jelena jankovic, ana ivanovic, maria sharapova, caroline woziniacki or whatever. That tennis tour has done its best to ruin jelena d. But they are too stupid to realize the public is not falling for their lies, libel and slander campaigns. The WTA has “Robbed” this extraordinary tennis player out of her championship career. If she lived in another era she’d be a champion. The WTA doesn’t deserve a mention they’re all fools and nasty idiots.

  3. That’s an interesting view, Janie. I think that the media definitely antagonise the situation…. why do they call Damir for comment everytime Jelena makes a public statement? I actually think the media here are too blame, not Jelena or her father. Certainly Damir is quite volatile, but the media goad him into an agressive and scandalous response, which they quite happily splash across the newspapers. They should leave Damir alone, and stop focusing on Jelena’s past. I want to hear about Jelena’s current form and state of mind, and not rehash her traumatic past.

  4. I am sick of this story and people falling for it. Enough allegations can be made by anyone. Yeah sure Mr. Dokic lands in jail but probably for not having licenses for two guns. The sentence is misdemeanor not felony. Besides why didn’t the media carry the trial? I’ll bet the paid off some corrupt officials in Serbia where justice has a price tag. Try again. I understand Damir dumped his wife Lilijana for a younger woman. He’s built a successful winery. This junk is ruining his business reputation. Jelena is lying to back up her bitter mom. Why don’t they ask the other woman what went on? Jelena needs to grow up. Abuse has nothing to do with why her tennis stinks. How does she know other girls were not abused? How can she say she went through more than anyone else? She never had scars, bruises or broken bones. She had tennis injuries medical staff know what she had period.

    Damir Dokic has made a new life separate from mom and daughter. Leave the man alone let him have peace. He is too ill for jail. Jelena should be ashamed and needs to take repsonsibility for screwing up her own life and career by listening to mom. What a pack of lies!


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