Serena Williams shocked by Patty Schnyder in the first round of Rome


Serena WilliamsSerena Williams, who on Monday stated that she was the real No.1 and not Dinara Safina, suffered a 6-2 2-6 6-1 defeat by Patty Schnyder in the second round of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia.

The world No.20 Schnyder was upset by Sabine Lisicki in the first round of Stuttgart last week, but this week in Rome she managed to keep her record on clay against Serena Williams perfect and improved it to 3-0.

The match between “the best in the world”, as Williams called herself on Monday, and Patty Schynder was postponed until 11pm because of rain.

The world number two Williams has now lost her last three matches (Miami final, Marbella first round, and this latest one in Rome) – only the second time this has happened in her career. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. I agree with you totally, Teerin. When I read that on Monday, I was like why would she say that. Than she loses. Maybe that will teach her to keep her big mouth shut.

  2. “The world best player” not giving credit to other opponents or always coming with excuses. What will be her excuse this time “mouth and tounge injury”? Thanks Patty, you are the greatest! You did what so many players would like to do to this sour looser!

  3. i think that serena really is the best player in the world. she has been for 9 years now. c’mon safina isn’t anywhere near best tennis player in the world.

  4. I think the media totally twisted her words. At the start of the interview, they asked her a question and she said ” we all know who the really number one is “… then about like 10 minutes later, they asked her another thing and she was basically saying she tries to put her best in everything that she do, then she said ” quite frankly, i’m the best in the world”.
    The media made it seems as if she said ” We all know who the real #1 is, quite frankly, i’m the best in the world”.. it was nothing like that

  5. Juxtaposition between her early round exits in a major deficiency in her game; a quarter of a tennis season on clay still justifies her as ‘the best player in the world… for 9 years now.’ whilst Dina is consistently adavancing in every tournament, and in her own words, she reached two finals and won four titles. Was that just a paradox? Also an example of absurdity! The media can twist words, but they cannot invent statements!

    Dinara Safina is the number one ranked and best player, presently and Serena’s first round exits don’t beg to differ.

  6. A hint of bias at the end there; however, yes Justine Henin is the unparalled queen at the pinnacle of professional women’s tennis.

  7. I totally agree with all of you. If I may say something that someone said some day in the past: ‘American players don’t have talent, the just work on their game.’ Of course, that doesn’t have anything to do with this subject, but I was going to say, that I think that if you want to be the best in the world, ever, you have got to have talent, too. We all know who was the real No. 1: Justine Henin…And how many players have been on number one possition since she left? I really don’t want to count. And noone is really the best in the world… Except maybe Serbian players…..

  8. I think that we can’t deny anyone’s talent here. You must be talented to reach the heights of professional tennis. All the current top players are talented. I agree about Justine Henin, she’s by far much better than any of the players that have been No.1 after her.

  9. Serena should just shut up and play tennis and respect her opponents…SHE’S NOT THE BEST!!!!!

    Talk about lack of sportsmanship…typical Serena!!!

  10. If Serena is not the best player in the world right now, please tell me who is better than her right now ?
    Who on tour would Serena love to switch performances this year with ????
    Being the best in the world does not mean being the best on all surfaces.

    I don’t like what she said, but, it’s the truth.

    Didnt Henin retire last year ? Why are we still talking about her ?

    And please don’t make me laugh about the serbians being the best.

  11. Serena Wiliams? The best? I wouldn’t say so. If we want to talk like that, well, Venus is better than her. She has better serve, footwork, stronger bachand and forehand… What else do you need?
    And sure, laugh about serbian players, but that’s the whole truth. They are young, and perspective. And how old are american players?


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