A Centre Court Celebration: Clijsters beats Graf under new Wimbledon retractable roof

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Retired former world No.1s Kim Clijsters and Steffi Graf played exhibition matches together with ATP stars Andre Agassi and Tim Henman to officially celebrate the new retractable roof over Wimbledon’s Centre Court. The event was called A Centre Court Celebration and the new roof was today used for the first time.

Clijsters, who retired in May 2007 but is expected to return to the sport competitively in August, beat Graf in singles 6-4. Graf is not contemplating a comeback, but she said she loved being back on Centre Court ten years after her last visit.

In doubles, Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters defeated the husband and wife duo 7-6. In men’s singles, Agassi beat Henman 6-4.

Additional info: The much-needed roof takes between eight and nine minutes to close.


  1. I heard it takes longer than that to close the roof. Let’s hope it’s effective anyway, so that play can continue when it rains.


  2. The article at Wimbledon’s website I linked to says it takes from eight to nine minutes. Yeah, the roof was more than necessary.


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