Dinara Safina wins Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open for second straight title


World No.1 Dinara Safina solidified her position at the top of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour rankings, as well as her role of the favorite for winning upcoming Roland Garros, with a 6-2 6-4 victory over ninth seed Caroline Wozniacki in the Madrid Open final.

The top-seeded Safina broke the 19-year-old Wozniacki’s serve three times in the first set and early in the second to storm to her 11 career title and second successive title after winning in Rome last week.

The 23-year-old Russian will head to the French Open, where she was a runner-up to Ana Ivanovic last year, on a 10-match winning streak.

Safina has earned €620,000 by winning the Premier-level claycourt event in Madrid, while Wozniacki, who will from tomorrow be ranked 10th in the world, took home €310,000.


  1. Dina critics will truly be silenced! The Dawn of Dinara Dominance has begun! давай Динара!

    Nevertheless, with all due respect to Caro who will continue to challenge the rest of the circuit in her top ten debut!

  2. Dinara Safina is definitely dominating women’s tennis right now. I watched the match and she kept throwing great backhand winners. She is definitely worth the top spot.

    I would have preferred the Princess of Denmark to win though.

  3. Yes, the critics of Dinara should silence now. However, Teerin, I wouldn’t say Dinara’s dominating women’s tennis yet, although, I agree, she absolutely deserves her current ranking.

  4. I hope Sweet Wozzy doesn’t burnt out like JJ. I like the kid, I just don’t like how she cracked into the top ten.

    Yes, Dinara deserves the number one ranking. She is clearly dominating the clay season this year. If she wins RG 09 it would be the jewel of her crown.

  5. Well the next step is win Roland Garros if they are a really number 1…..

    i hope Caroline reach the number 1 one day

  6. Dinara’s been superb this claycourt season, and she definitely dominated it. She has a great chance to win Roland Garros. If she plays like she can, there is no one right now that will be a huge obstacle.

  7. well, i think dinara is worthy of the top spot, but just little things annoy me. she is bulit like a man! and she needs better outfits, does anyone else agree that its not very attractive seeing her fat stomach poking out all the time!? massive turn off!

    although, i should really like her, i’ve got a photo with her, and an autograph, i dont know, she just seems like a massive bitch

    ps; well done to norway in eurovision! but cyprus was the best! hahah

  8. Actually, I think Dinara’s pretty cute. She seems slimmer nowadays, and I like how the outfits suit her. I know she isn’t considered one of the most beautiful WTA players (my male friends don’t like her appearance at all), but for me, the more I watch her the more I see beauty in her. And, I agree, she can seem standoffish, but I think it’s only her defence mechanism. And hahaha, you’re an Aussie and you’re watching Eurovision! BTW, I try to avoid that event as much as I can. 😛

  9. haha! marjia, nothing else was on! haha, i must admit, its pretty entertaining. we are very very very very different down in australia! haha

  10. Haha, ok, we are also different from what you can see at Eurovision. Luckily. 😀 Although, I must say, it’s very popular here in Serbia. Last year we hosted the competition.


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