Jelena Jankovic’s ANTA dress for 2009 French Open


Jelena Jankovic’s ANTA dress for 2009 Roland Garros

Chinese brand ANTA has officially released what Jelena Jankovic will be wearing at the 2009 French Open.

The dress looks great in this picture, with all the effects, but I suppose it will be good live too. However, I’m still waiting for ANTA to really impress me.

What do you think? (via Tennis Forum)


  1. The dress looks alright, well looks better than most of the things she used to wear. However the picture is so photoshopped, Jankovic is not that slim.

    Anyways, the draw has been released. There should be a very interesting match-up between last year’s winner Ana Ivanovic and the number-one woman Dinara Safina in the quarterfinals. Maria Sharapova looks like she has quite an easy draw, that is, until she meets Zvonareva in the fourth round (considering she makes it that far, even though I don’t have high expectations for that, I would love to see it).

    I don’t know how Nadia Petrova is playing lately, so it would be great if you could make some predictions for Maria, since I haven’t watched tennis in a while and I don’t know how some are playing.

    Serena Williams could be out early as she is seeded to meet Flavia Pennetta in the fourth round. I look forward to your French Open predictions. 🙂

  2. hi marija!!!

    good day!!!

    haven’t seen the draw yet..

    they made jj chinese….

    it’s awful from anta, heavy blue on red clay???

    i think it’s insane!!!

  3. well teerin, the 4th round isnt exactly early! and flavia pennetta anyone could beat. serena will have no problems. as for jelena, that photo is photoshopped, but i doubt they have made her weight different. looks like her to me!

    maria sharapova probably wont make the 4th road, and ana ivanovic wont make the quarterfinals, if she does, she must have picked up her game… alot

    victory for serena or venus!!!

    ps; the dress is nice compared to others.
    love to see more futures!!!!

  4. yes, haha. i am!
    serena williams. i mean, deep down, everyone is. shes so amazing!

    jelena looks abit to attractive for this poster i’ll admit

  5. everyone is a Serena fan? yikes!

    Go Dinara!

    btw, this is the best yet from JJ’s new clothing sponsor the earlier ones all reminded me of nighties / night dresses or whatever you may want to call them!

    Gotta admit there’s some things I admire about Serena but no everyone is a fan that’s for sure!

    Go Dinara Safina for FO

  6. I love the dress… and might I add, despite the fact that it’s bright blue and on red clay, Phaura Reinz, isn’t Ana’s dress also this color? I like the contrast.

  7. i saw ana’s dress! its the same as the australian open, that purple thing, but its not the dark blue thing either. its like a white-blue, kind of like sky if you get me. quite nice. and dinara is in the same little two peice. yuk!

  8. hi! it’s my first time commenting here, but I often read this blog. I just want to say I think this dark blue is because the french flag… or that was my first thinking!
    congratulations for that web!

  9. Teerin, I think I will make your wish come true, I’ve started writing an article about players’ form and my predictions, and I’m planning to publish it tomorrow.

    I also think this could be the best one so far from ANTA – like Jacob and streams said. The green one was not bad either (compared to others only).

    Haha, and Jacob, you’re such a fan of Serena that you can’t imagine someone’s not. Haha, cute.

    Phaura, JJ has always looked Chinese, or something like that. It’s a known fact. As for the blue, I don’t see a problem with it, I’m with Lily on this one.

    Tangerine, it’s great to see you commenting. Don’t be shy. Hm, I don’t think it’s because of the flag. Anyway, the flag has three colors, and the dress is in blue only.

  10. I may be somewhat behind, but do we know what the other players are going to wear? I know what Ana’s supposed to wear, the Adidas dress from the Austrialian Open but in blue. Although I wish she chose something new, not that the purple dress wasn’t cute, it was.

  11. It’s a nice dress but I wish I could see the whole thing to make a better judgment. By the way, Serena is an amazing player, but I hate her attitude sometimes. I hope the WTA players impress in the French Open and silence all!!! 😀

  12. Lilly, I know for Dinara. She’ll wear a two-piece adidas ensemble, in blue and white, that we already saw her in.


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