Ana Ivanovic’s 2009 Wimbledon and US Open adidas dresses


Thanks to our faithful reader Jacob we’re learning about the Adidas dresses Ana Ivanovic will most probably wear during the next two Grand Slams.

Ana Ivanovic

For Wimbledon, the troubled Serb is supposed to wear the white adidas Adilibria dress.

Ana Ivanovic
At the 2009 US Open the world No.13 Ivanovic will sport another adidas Adilibria dress, in purple.

Back of Ana Ivanovic

For the last Grand Slam of the season Ivanovic also has a night dress planned, if she manages to stay in the tournament long enough to play a night match (oh, tough truth).

Ana Ivanovic

Reminder: Ivanovic parted ways with coach Craig Kardon, and is back the adidas Player Development Programme.

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  1. The white dress looks very similar to Maria Sharapova’s French Open dress, with the light layers going across the front of the dress….
    Is adidas out of ideas, i have been very disappointed with their designs this year.

  2. really bickie? i think adidas has done great. i will admit that it would be nice to see a change of outfit (instead of 6months the same).
    when you think of it, is nike really much better? It does kind of look abit like maria sharapova’s but let me assure you, adidas didnt copy the roland garros dress, its impossible to make a dress like that in 3 weeks. plus, very illegal!

    adidas have done a great job in this two outfits, i love the new york night dress, but i doubt i’ll see it in action! hahaha

  3. Hey, nice find Jacob…always love to know what the players will wear to the Grand Slams.

    I think both dresses are gorgeous, Adidas have finally put together a pretty dress!

  4. I personally do not like her Wimbledon outfit at all. However, I like her U.S. Open outfit, especially the night dress. Adidas has done a pretty good work on the U.S. Open dresses. I have to admit the layers were similar to Maria’s dress at Roland Garros. 😛

    Hopefully Ana will get to wear the night dress at the U.S. Open and not get knocked off in the first round.

  5. adidas nearly had a great design for the first time since ana’s blue/orange dress of 2008, but then they had to go and put those ugly light blue strips on the night dress.
    it would have been perfect, but now its wrecked.
    it is similiar to sharapovas french open one, exept its better.
    Same goes for the day dress, destroyed by the blue strips.
    she’ll be knocked out by the 3rd round anyway



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