Svetlana Kuznetsova to donate a portion of Roland Garros earnings to church


Svetlana KuznetsovaThe 2009 French Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova revealed in an interview for what she will spend her prize of €1 060 000 on. The Russian is planning to buy an accommodation in Moscow and a luxurious watch, while the most part she will donate to church.

Here’s what Kuznetsova said:

I am planning to buy an accommodation in Moscow, I am still renting an apartment. Also, I have promised to myself to buy a good expensive watch. The majority of the money I am going to donate to my church. There the director of orthodox temple is my spiritual father. I try to be there as often as possible, to think about something personal, something eternal. But I have a very busy schedule. Occasionally, the father himself visits me. No matter how strange it sounds, I am a very religious person and I try to attend church even in other countries.

Considering the prices of apartments in Moscow, I keep wondering how it’s possible that she will give a majority of the money to church. However, all the respect for Kuznetsova, honorable move. (photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. It’s great seeing winners give something back. Hopefully some the men with larger prize funds will follow suit


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