2009 US Open: record prize money of $21.6 million


The 2009 US Open prize money will be $21.6 million, as the purse has increased by $1 million for the third consecutive year.

Both men’s and women’s singles champions will earn a record $1.6 million. They may also earn an additional $1 million in bonus prize money (for a total $2.6 million potential payout) depending on their performances in the Olympus US Open Series.

Top three men’s and top three women’s finishers in the Olympus US Open Series each receive bonus earnings, making the 2009 US Open potential total payout $24.2 million.

In addition, both US Open singles champions will receive a new 2010 Lexus IS Convertible.

You can read more details about the prize money at the US Open official website.


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