US Open: funny comments about Melanie Oudin


Melanie OudinAmerican 17-year-old Melanie Oudin has suddenly become famous by placing herself as a player the US can count on besides the Williams sisters, although, I have to remind you, she first made headlines at this year’s Wimbledon, having come out of nowhere to reach the fourth round.

As world No.70 Melanie Oudin, the talk of the 2009 US Open, is still a less known player, people have had a few problems with her identity. On the Baseline’s Paula Vergara has made a funny Top 10 list of the comments most overheard at the US Open about Oudin. I love it!

10. She’s French, right?

9. Twin sister? You mean there are two of them?

8. Her boyfriend is cuter than she is.

7. Is that Reese Witherspoon?

6. I say Justine Henin is taller.

5. It’s so weird. She looks American.

4. I heard she writes on her shoes.

3. Who’s that “giant killer?”

2. Oudin speaks English really well.

1. At least she doesn’t grunt.

(photo courtesy of Women Who Serve)


  1. interestingly weird article??

    you should mention that Ana and her apparently official boyfriend were caught shopping in Soho…and not to make any judgements/…she look pregnant!!

    All the best Marija!

  2. Ana does look pregnant. Who knows? She might become a mother now and get the “break” she wanted to have in the first place

    Cinderella run is over! Looks like M has no gas left for the big stages. Caroline Wozniacki brings her pushing to new levels, hitting only 1 winner in the second set (say thanks to the netcord), 5 in total, and 16 combined from both players. One epic failure of a match. Piece of advice: don’t watch it.

    Congratulations to the Danish princess for making her way into her first ever semifinal. One thing for sure, I wouldn’t be watching the final if she even gets there. That would mean 4 crappy finals in a row, God help the WTA.

  3. Bb, I will write about it now. 😉 All the best to you too!

    John, the link’s not working.

    Teerin, nooo, Ana’s not pregnant. No way! Although, she’s looks like that, I have to admit.

    And yeah, it’s wierd, but a Grand Slam final doesn’t guarantee a good match at all. 😛

    And about the divorce, I’ve just mentioned it in my new post. Hehe, it’s amazing how popular Oudin is all of a sudden.

  4. Someone is still bitter that M. Oudin took out Divapova.

    Mr. Freddy, I do agree that there was a lot of hype about M. Oudin, I jumped into the bandwagon. If you look at the results, she did better than Wimbledon, she went a round further in the U.S. Open. M. Oudin being American, the tournament held in the biggest U.S. city and the way she was knocking out big names she did get the attention, a little bit more then I would like.

  5. A Masha in good form (like she is in now) would crush Oudin 10 times out of 10 and so would Dementieva – it’s not something I BELIEVE but KNOW! – Oudin is highly overrated – and she doesn’t even come close to Masha who won Wimbledon age 17 against Serena Williams in good form – Oudin NEVER will be the next Serena or Venus – that’s for sure


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