Caroline Wozniacki ends Melanie Oudin’s dream US Open run


Melanie OudinNinth seed Caroline Wozniacki joined Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams and Yanina Wickmayer in the semifinals of the 2009 US Open, putting an end to Melanie Oudin’s fairytale.

Wozniacki defeated Oudin 6-2 6-2 in the quarterfinals, but still, the world No.70 Oudin gave her career a major boost, to the extent that now we’re reading gossip about her family (her father is seeking a divorce from his wife because she cheated on him with Melanie’s tennis coach).

“I’ve gone from being just a normal-like tennis player to almost everyone in the United States knowing who I am now,” said the 17-year-old Oudin, who had defeated four higher-ranked Russians to reach the quarterfinals.

“It’s definitely different but I enjoyed it.”

Wozniacki’s opponent in the semifinals will be Yanina Wickmayer and they have never played each other before. (source: Reuters, photo courtesy of Women Who Serve)


  1. I did think that M. Oudin was going to take out Wozzy (yeah, I jumped into the bandwagon 😛 ). I do think she spent too much on court, her matches might have been averaging more then two hours and thirty minutes.

    The tennis Gods are smiling down on Wozzy. Kuzzie made 63 unforced errors in her fourth round match against Wozzy; and M. Oudin made 43 unforced errors in her QF match against Wozzy. The conservative style of play of Wozzy has paid off. However the winner of the match between Serena and Kim will win the tournament. I don’t think that Wozzy style of play can beat either one of her possible final opponents, unless they commit tons and tons of unforced errors.

  2. HAha, Hey Nacho, at some point the Stella McCurse will make its presence felt. Like a snow ball it will get bigger and bigger, and it won’t be pretty when it hits. Call it tennis karma. 😛

  3. Guys, maybe the Stella McCurse got scared of so much unnecessary fabric and ran away. 😛 Just kiddin’, I like the dress anyway.

  4. HaHaHa, Nacho you read my mind, that was my prediction if Wozzy reached the final. 😛

    You might be right Ms. Marija. The dress and the color of the dress are so ugly, so ugly, that the McCurse said “Aaaaagh, even I am staying away this catastrophe, the design and color are the curse anyways”.

    Yeah, I agree with you Ms. Marija and Nacho “The Self Proclaimed Princess” looked better in Stella’s outfits but the McCurse tanked her career. 😛

  5. yeah guys i mean the us open champion is either serena or kim the winner of that semi is going to be the champion!!

    Lol carlos your comments are just delightful love them!!

  6. Hahaha, Carlos, do you have some sort of record of how many times you said on my blog that Caroline’s dress is ugly? 😀

    Ohhh, when will the play resume. I’ll die until the Clijsters vs. Williams semifinal starts!

  7. HAHA, sorry Ms. Marija I did not keep track, but just in case anyone miss it or wasn’t paying attention, Caroline dress is ugly haha 😛

  8. Gross, but that’s what I wanted to hear. BTW, I actually don’t mind the color at all. I like Stella’s style and her color palette.


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