US Open champion Kim Clijsters poses in Times Square, receives praise from Justine Henin


Newly-crowned US Open champion Kim Clijsters, who has from an unranked player amazingly propelled to No.19 in the rankings, showed off her trophy in New York’s Times Square, joined by husband Brian Lynch and super cute daughter Jada.

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The former world No.1 Clijsters has never looked better, and why wouldn’t she, her US Open triumph is highlighting the whole tennis season.

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Just to mention: Kim’s fellow Belgian and great champion Justine Henin used her official website to congratulate Kim on this great success.

Dear Kim,

Congratulations with your magnificent victory.
Once again, Jada can be very proud of her mama. Your achievement is just fantastic! Warm applause to you and your whole family.

Best regards,


  1. Great achievement! I’m kind of new here :).
    Marija, I was wondering, when are you planning to do the retrospection’s of players’ yearly outfits?

  2. Pietaar, welcome! 🙂

    I’m doing the retrospections during the off-season. I’ll see whether or in which form I will do them this year.

  3. Pietaar, if the pictures are in your possession I would love to have them. If you sort them chronologically, that would be very helpful too. 🙂

  4. Pietaar, I’ve also just started following you on Twitter. 😉 I will let you know, I just hope I won’t forget that. It will be in 2 months.

  5. Marija, I just got them from Google,’s official forum or
    Is that alright? 😉


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