Ana Ivanovic falls out of Top 20


Ana IvanovicAna Ivanovic has fallen from the already disappointing No.16 to No.22 in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour singles rankings.

Ivanovic’s current position is likely to be her year-end ranking for 2009, which will be her worst year-end ranking in five years. The last two years she finished fourth.

Remember this Ivanovic’s statement from the beginning of this month:

On the positive side, I am still No.11 in the world. I have no clue how I am ranked so highly, but to look on the bright side, I can’t play any worse than I did this year and I’m still in the top 20!

No surprise, good circumstances didn’t last that long! (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. It was inevitable and not surprising but still very sad to see nonetheless. Her draws early on next season, especially at AO are going to suck so she will have no choice but to pick up her play and start beating top players again if she wants to get back to the top. It’s like she is starting all over again where she was back in 2005. She had to fight her way to the top and earn it. She has done it before and I am confident she can do it again.

    The first few months of 2010 will be crucial for her. She can’t afford to stumble out of the gate. I think it would benefit Ana if she played in more smaller tournaments where the draws won’t be as tough, just like in her younger days whether she likes to or not. In the end however, it will all come down to how Ana plays and her confidence.

    I still believe in you Ana! AJDE Ana 2010!

  2. It’s all in NaturAna’s head. If she decides to ease up on herself while focusing on her game and not the results, she should get back in the Top 10.

    I don’t see her getting the WTA Penthouse keys back though, especially with Shrieka regaining her serve and confidence, JuJu’s return, Kimmie, ReRe, etc.

  3. I think Shrieka is Maria Sharapova. ReRe i have no idea. Did we mention Alicia Molik’s return? I think shes coming back for 2010 season. Shes not very good anymore (not sure) but exciting as she is an aussie like me 😀

  4. Jacob, Ana has a little bit darker white skin. Good luck to your fellow Aussie.

    Nacho, Schrieka is Sharapova, JuJu is Henin, Kimmie is Clijsters.

  5. hahahaha LOL off course shrieka is maria!!. how could i’ve been so blind?? hahahah but from Serena to Rere that’s weird!!

  6. So sad with Ana. She is my favorite female player and it has been difficult to see her struggle. I agree with many posters that it seems to be all about confidence!

    On top of things, the womens’ game has gotten stronger with the Williams sisters rededicated, Clijsters back, and now Henin talking comeback!

    Let’s go Ana! Time to get back into the top 10!

  7. I’m sure she will bounce back. Come on, this is the girl who used to train in the swimming pool when there weren’t any available facilities.

  8. Also I don’t think a fall in her rankings is such a tragedy,she isn’t like 100th slmething. She’s still doing reasonably well given the circumstances.

  9. serena williams was ranked 140 at one stage, going into the 20’s is nothing. plus, it might even help her, it will certantly take away alot of pressure

  10. She doesn’t seem too bothered about it though, she’s currently here in Singapore accompanying Adam Scott as he’s here for the Barclays Singapore golf tournament this weekend.

  11. She doesn’t seem too bothered though. She’s currently here in Singapore to accompany Adam Scott as he’s here for the Barclays Singapore Open golf tournament this weekend.

  12. I’m beginning to think that Ana is a tan-orexic person. Somebody better tell her the side effects of over tanning: premature aging and skin cancer. It is not like tennis is an indoor sport.


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