Jelena Jankovic mentoring Aleksandra Krunic


Jelena JankovicJelena Jankovic has started mentoring Aleksandra Krunic, one of the biggest Serbian women’s tennis hopes.

“It is a great pleasure that Aleksandra chose me for her mentor. Even though I am still actively playing tennis, and I am planning to continue doing that in the next few years, I am glad to be having an opportunity to help a young woman with my experience,” said world No.8 Jankovic.

The 16-year-old Krunic started playing professionally in 2008 and is currently ranked 631st. So far, the 16-year-old has won one ITF singles and one ITF doubles title. (source in Serbian: vesti-online, photo: chascow)


  1. interesting. i think serbia need some new blood. they are all amazing players, im jealous of the lack of australians 😀

  2. ps; marija, is it to late to change my name for this blog? im tempted to change it to my middle name. does this work for you?

  3. JJ as a mentor? Hmm,I wonder if she’ll have enough time for her mentee. Ah well, if she throws a few matches here and there… :0)

  4. Wait a minute, since when did JJ become a Kung Fu Tennis master? I missed the graduation. Ms. Marija you wouldn’t happen to have any JJ’s graduation photos from grasshopper to master? Does this mean that Ms. Krunic is JJ’s grasshopper? I guess that the Kung Fu Tennis line is being pass down through the Serbs. 😛


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