Amelie Mauresmo ends 17-year tennis career

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Amelie Mauresmo

After careful consideration, France’s former world number one Amelie Mauresmo, the Australian Open and Wimbledon champion in 2006, announced her retirement December 3rd, 2009.

“It was becoming tough mentally. What happened is I simply did not want to go training any more. My tennis life lasted 25 years, there were extraordinary things and tough moments,” said tearful 30-year-old Mauresmo.

“I had three main goals in my career, becoming world number one, claiming a Grand Slam title and a Fed Cup. I achieved all of them,” added the winner of 25 WTA Tour singles crowns.

Mauresmo’s career took a downward spiral after her Antwerp Diamond Games victory in 2007, her long recovery process after an appendectomy and a series of injuries, and talks about her retirement have been in the air for a while.

The biggest thing left missing in Mauresmo’s career is a title at her home Grand Slam, the French Open. She has never gone further than the quarterfinals there.

Mauresmo’s last title came at the Paris Open in February 2009 and what happened to be her last match on the Tour was the second-round loss at the US Open to Aleksandra Wozniak.

Mauresmo is finishing her career ranked 21st in the world. (source: Reuters, photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. I knew it was coming, and I’m going to miss her. 2006 was her year, no doubt about it! Now I wonder what Mary Pierce is going to do with her career…

  2. she certainly will be missed, but she just might make a comeback….it’s a trending topic in the tennis world!
    A little rest from training and traveling never hurt anybody. If she doesn’t make a return, then I do wish her the best in her life as I surely will miss her game.

  3. She was an interesting player and there will be a blank space in the game after she’s gone. I don’t think it is likely that she’d come back. In comparison with Justine and Kim, they both retired much younger than her. I feel that this is her definite goodbye. It’s a shame, she’ll go down the history as one of the real champs, though.
    I still secretly with Martina Hingis returned, even if just for one more season.


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