Overview of Victoria Azarenka’s on-court style during 2009 season


Victoria Azarenka is making her debut in our retrospections of players’ yearly outfits, thanks to a kind request of our regular reader LuLinQa.

Azarenka is sporting Nike, and looking at all her 2009 outfits in one place I can say that they are the perfect choice for widespread use (in the large portion of Maria Sharapova’s you would stand out too much). All the outfits are well-designed, the colors are just right, and we know that Nike doesn’t fail with the quality.

My favorite is the French Open dress, without doubt. I love the simple, yet interesting design, especially the back. The dress is the same as the one she wore in Miami, Rome and Madrid, but I prefer the blue Roland Garros version because it’s more eye-catching.

Notice that headbands and visors are a must in Azarenka’s on-court appearance.

What do you think of Azarenka’s outfits? Which one is your favorite?

By the way, this is the first time we are doing a retrospection of players’ outfits in slides. Do you like this new medium?


  1. Thank you very much Marija 😀 yeah RG outfit is cool and looks good on the clay, but it looks difficult to put there some bra 🙂 I also like the LA and Beijing outfit as well as doha ones 😀 and my very best are colorful shoes from IW 😀 I like the medium 😀 Thanks again 😀

  2. LuLinQa, you’re welcome. 🙂 You’re right, the bra is too visible in that dress. My second favorite would probably be the US Open outfit.

  3. Vika looked stunning in all her outfits this past season, but the two that stood out for me the most as my favourites were her French Open blue outfit and her Wimbledon whites. The headband is definitely a must from now on 🙂 Nike are really doing a great job in her outfits department. Let’s hope for more of the same in 2010!

  4. Thanks! I love the US Open outfit and the French Open one. And I know she’s a really fit girl, but her skirts are realllly short (referring to the gorgeous blue dress she wore for Roland Garros lol). Thanks. Love seeing these and critiquing them. I like this new version but the old version is nice too because you can actually see all the outfits at one time.

  5. I was glad to see another big name sporting Nike this year. Maria and Serena was big enough but I wanted to see other players wear them as well. I’m glad they chose her, I love her Roland Garros outfit.

  6. Viktoria got the best reviews so far, don’t you think? Nobody marked any of her outfits bad. That’s because all of them are so simple and stylish, and you can’t go wrong with simplicity. But the fact is that they are not boring.

    Lilly, thank you for sharing your opinion. I will alternate, I wanted to try out this presentation method of showing photos. It loads very fast, so it’s not that you need a lot of time to see all the photos. But you’re right, there’s an advantage of being able to see all of them at once.

  7. Um, thanks? lol. Just stating my opinion like everyone else. Off topic in this post, but so glad Justine’s back!

  8. Love her AO, Memphis, IW outfit the most followed by YEC outfit and then Roland Garros. I think we can all agree that blue looks amazing on Victoria. 😀 As for the medium, I don’t mind watching a slideshow or just the pictures. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. 😛

  9. Great overview, I like this new medium. I think Vika’s nicest outfit was the one she wore at Miami, Rome and Madrid, followed by Wimbledon and Cincinnati. I liked the Roland Garros dress but not as much as the ones I mentioned before. I didn’t like the one she wore at the YEC, it didn’t suit her at all. I’m looking forward to seeing what she wears next year.

  10. I like that her outfits are sporty and fashionable at the same time; we don’t want to see everyone with over-styled outfits (like Maria’s and Caroline’s) all the time, it’s refreshing that Nike doesn’t try to market her as a Maria clone. My fave was the US Open, my least, the Doha outfit, the shirt was too big and the skirt too short. Let’s hope next year that they give her more colour choices, some purples and reds maybe? Or some pale yellows and greens. Oh, the format is okay, I like the other one better, however. Good job regardless.

  11. Pietaar, Bróna, Ella, thanks for the feedback about the presentation. I will definitely not abandon the old format for retrospections.

    As for the YEC outfit, the thing I least like about that one is the color. I almost hate that shade of blue. It’s just me, I don’t know why, I’ve never liked the color.

    Ella, exactly, I also like Victoria’s style, as it’s not too glammed up. Not everyone should be over-styled, as you said.

  12. quick question; is the roland garros the same as miami and rome and madrid? only in a white version? i like doha too. i wont be here for a while marija and everyone, stay safe x

  13. Marija, are you going to continue with the overviews? I’d like to see as many players as possible, maybe even outside the Top 10? But I figure it’s easier to focus on these gals just because they’ve participated in more tournaments and have more outfits.
    If so, could we take a look at Caroline’s, unless you’ve already done so and I missed the thread. I like the Stella McCartney line, though I think the colors are bland, and really liked how it looked at Maria Kirilenko, but I guess they wanted more media time lol.

  14. I will do my best, Emily. Stay tuned. 😉

    By the way, guys, join the contest I’ve just launched, you can win Wilson racquet with Henin’s autograph! 🙂 Have fun and good luck!


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