Yanina Wickmayer still not allowed to compete


Yanina Wickmayer

Yanina Wickmayer’s doping ban was suspended on Monday, but the Belgian is not eligible to enter tournaments yet.

The International Tennis Federation still considers the ban active, and it will be so until they “receive further communication to suggest otherwise”. They are waiting for an official correspondence from the Belgian anti-doping authorities.

All I can say, too complicated… But I hope everything will be resolved in due time and Wickmayer will be able to make use of her ASB Classic wildcard and compete at the start of the new season. (source: BBC, photo: emmett.hume)


  1. Hey Maria…thanks for the article

    you should report that Ana just recently bought an apartment in Belgrade for 400,000 euros!

    I’m happy for her, since that means she is dedicated to still have a foot in her home town!

  2. This situation with Wickmayer is confusing. I hope everything will settle soon.

    Bb, I’ll write about it. 😉 Thanks for noting.

  3. If Yanina doesn’t get a WC for AO, she won’t travel to Australia to play ‘just a warm-up tournament’. 😉 She said that herself on Belgian news on Monday.


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