Yanina Wickmayer gives birth to her first child, daughter Luana

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Belgian tennis player Yanina Wickmayer and her husband Jerome van der Zijl welcomed their first child this month, on the day they found love ten years ago.

A baby girl named Luana was born on April 15. Yanina had announced her pregnancy in October 2020 and then she revealed that the delivery date was in April.

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event in every woman’s life, but it holds special significance for Yanina, who lost her mother at a young age:

Losing my mom when I was nine is still the biggest challenge I had to face in life but also made me dream about being a mother to my own kids one day. My career has always been my first priority but it became harder and harder to put this dream aside and hold back on starting my own little family.

Yanina and Jerome crowned their her long-term relationship with marriage in July 2017.


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