Damian Prasad named as Ana Ivanovic’s fitness trainer

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Ana Ivanovic

Australian Damian Prasad is Ana Ivanovic‘s new fitness trainer, supposed to work with the tennis star full-time.

Prasad and Ivanovic are currently in a trial period, and he will be there for her during the Australian part of the season.

Prasad has a Masters of Exercise Science and before joining Ivanovic’s team he worked with WTA players such as Nadia Petrova and Eleni Daniilidou. Also, Prasad was an integral part of the Australian Institute of Sport Tennis Program. (source: Ana Ivanovic’s official website, photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. hi! ana sure likes her aussies, doesnt she! she should become an australia citizen, that would be great! i think damien will help her out alot, my brother works for the australian institute of sport, i’ll try and get the gossip! lol. but, my brother is in new south wales, not melbourne 🙁

    merry chirstmas everybody, have a nice break mairja xxxxx


  2. Thank God she is working with someone at last. Hopefully this relationship will work out unlike her one with Mark McGrath. And yes, she loves the Aussies. She might as well as become a citizen there, LOL.

    I am excited for 2010! Ajde Ana, year of redemption!

  3. Yes! “Year of Redemption”, indeed!
    I am happy for Ana.
    ‘Australian Damian Prasad’…?

    Prasad is an Indian name,no?

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  4. No matter what origin he is, the most important thing is to get her up and running. Hope we’ll see old Ana shine in 2010!
    By the way the remarks about ending with tennis. She is in top 100 in WTA, I don’t see that as a reason to quit…!


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