Russia beats Serbia in Fed Cup after decisive doubles


The first day of the Fed Cup meeting between Russia and Serbia ended with both teams winning one match. Somewhat surprisingly, especially after the talks about her injury, Jelena Jankovic upset Svetlana Kuznetsova on Day 2, which gave Serbia a 2-1 lead on home soil. Congratulations to Jankovic for winning both her singles matches!

So, Jankovic defeated Kuznetsova 6-3 4-6 6-3, but her countrywoman Ana Ivanovic couldn’t finish off the tie and lost to Alisa Kleybanova 6-2 6-3 in the following match. Ivanovic’s free fall ended a long time ago, but the sad thing is that she is still lying wounded on the ground.

With the result tied at 2-2, the decisive doubles match was played, and as Jankovic and Ivanovic are not used to playing doubles, they were knocked out by Kuznetsova and Kleybanova 6-1 6-4.

Four-time Fed Cup champions Russia thus entered the Fed Cup semifinals which will be played on 24-25 April. Their opponent will be the US, who won 4-1 in France, without the Williams sisters.


  1. Well said about Ana’s free fall, Marija…. Re: Jelena, love watching her play, but could do without the constant drama….. whether it be her calling a trainer, rubbishing the opponent… kudos to her in this tie though, she did great.

  2. Marija why did you have to mention the Williams,they did not play so what.Dementieva and Safina didnt play for Russia.Are you part of the media that is always blaming them for things that are beyond their control.I dont blame them for not playing for MJF especially with the way she puts them down in her commentary…plus the media doesnt consider them Americans,remember what John McEnroe said at the USA Open.The only person who values their worth is Billie Jean,the rest of the media women like Carillo,MJF,Tracy Austin and to a lesser extend Shriver are very hateful towards them.You should have listened to the way MJF was being hateful to Vee during the Australian Open.Let her deal with underachievers like Mattek and Fed Cup queen Oudin.

  3. In this particular article I mentioned it as a positive thing, that the US managed to win even though Williamses didn’t play. Imagine a Serbian team winning without Ana or Jelena. That would be so cool, but would never happen.

  4. Is Ana’s game getting worse or what? That was just a horrible weekend for her, although I thought she looked alright in doubles. She should play dubs more. She looked relaxed and like she was having fun on the court when she was playing with JJ. Maybe that is what she needs. It was so refreshing to see Ana having fun and smiling on a tennis court for once. Unfortunately, she’s not winning.

  5. I just laughed reading Jelena’s airplane ride, as I recently took a trip to the UK and it was a complete nightmare, and reading Jelena’s is nowhere near as bad as mind since the English can’t seem to handle 1 cm of snow on the ground lol.

    Anyway, I hope these two wins get her a big confidence boost because I hope she wins a GS one day and this could be a stepping stone (beating Svetlana).

  6. Ana also had problems with her shoulder in the doubles match. She said she didn’t have enough time between matches. JJ may express herself a lot (although, contrary to myth, she isn’t anywhere near the drama queen that Henin is!), but she won both her singles matches. I, too, hope that gives her some confidence.

  7. Hmm, things are becoming pretty mixed up. I am surprised by a good run of the USA. Hopefully, Serbian train will start running as it should soon. The Russians will mix it up this year. I think they have the most up and coming players at the moment. It shall be interesting.
    I like Fed Cup, it’s refreshing and not only about big prize money.

  8. Curtis, Ana’s game proves that things in life can always get worse.

    Lilly, it’s not lol, I wouldn’t like to experience something like that. 😛 And Jelena winning a Grand Slam, hm, not so sure.

    Iluvlucie, yes, she was such a positive surprise in this Fed Cup. I have to say I was expecting less. Now ever after losing, I don’t have that empty feeling.

    Diane, the TV commentator later said that it wasn’t a problem with her shoulder, she was rather feeling sick.

    Marine, I would like Fed Cup much more if all the countries were represented by their best players. I have to say kudos to Jelena and Ana for always showing up.


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