Ana Ivanovic launches redesigned official website + signs lifetime contract with adidas

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Ana Ivanovic‘s game may be in ruins, but her already amazing official website is only getting better. has always been by far the best among those of female tennis players and her team is working hard to keep it that way by refreshing the design and adding new features.

The website offers the latest photos, videos, news, Ana’s diary, tennis results, career and match highlights, interviews, downloads, Ana’s magazine covers, you can meet Ana’s team, there is a forum, “Did You Know?” and “Ask Ana” sections and pretty much everything you can imagine about the tennis star’s career. And not only that the content is very rich, it is regularly updated and perfectly organized.

Now, let’s move to a more important novelty in Ana’s life – the Serb has extended her contract with adidas for the rest of her career and upon retiring from professional tennis, the 22-year-old will become adidas ambassador. Ana is believed to have become the youngest ever athlete – male or female – to sign an agreement of this length.

I love this quote from Tennis Served Fresh: “Here’s hoping Ana will find her game soon. Otherwise, she’ll be a brand ambassador before she knows it!”

Women’s Tennis Blog is wishing Ana’s tennis to see as positive developments as her official website.


  1. wow! cool, looks really fresh and colourful. will check it out, ive noticed it being a little slow, but its really good. not 100% certain of the photos though..

  2. Hate the new site. Her old one was much better and simple. It was perfect as is, especially her forum.

    As for Adidas, nice to see her staying with them. Although some may think Adidas is crazy for giving a girl who’s career is in free fall a huge contract, she still is very marketable and has fans all across the world. And of course sex appeal which matters a lot today, fairly or not. Just look at her new SI pics. Damn!

  3. This new site is really cool and modern but I prefered her old one. I just found it much simplier. Now, U have to register to be able to ask her some questions etc. But the disaign is great 🙂 She looks like a model on the photos in the left corner 😛
    About Adidas, I am happy they believe she will get her form back. It must help her a lot by the psychical side 🙂

  4. I love the new look – it’s refreshing and more modern, but still they’ve kept it simple enough.

    In the light of her recent results, the lifelong contract with adidas comes as a real surprise.

  5. Yes, and now I’m thinking – you know how before she had those tennis pictures on her website, now there are just these disco ones changing on the homepage. 😛

  6. Not to sound… superficial? Do you know how much she’s earning from this contract because a “lifetime contract” must be only another 8 years max. right?

  7. Lilly, when she retires from tennis she will be the ambassador of the brand, so it will be more than 8 years. Financial details were not revealed.

    Jacob, I would say modeling. She can model with a tennis racquet, a disco ball, and all other sorts of things would suit her well. 🙂

  8. what if she falls pregnant and has four kids ,quit tennis and get fat will she still be an Adidas ambassador.
    Adidas is trying to compete with Nike at wasting money on losing horses.

  9. Marija, I think Adidas wouldn’t invest into her if they gave up hopes, that’s for sure. Ana is still popular, people like her personality. It’s a little like that with Sharapova, too. She may not have the best results but still, she is a charismatic player so it’s a worth investment. Anyway, I think that those contracts are not that lose and they require them to get in to shape and perform. And who knows, maybe that will be finally the right kind of motivation.

  10. Marine, of course, that’s what I said, they certainly believe that Ana will strengthen their brand and bring them money, but I don’t know, I can only see her disappearing even more, in the near future at least.

  11. I agree Ana Ivanovic’s game may be in ruins, but her already amazing official website is only getting better. Keep up the work!


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