Caroline Wozniacki breezes into Indian Wells final

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Caroline Wozniacki

Second seed Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark eased past Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland to reach the BNP Paribas Open title match for her first WTA final of the season.

Wozniacki defeated the fifth-seeded Radwanska 6-2 6-3 in the semifinals, and as they are good friends, according to their agreement the Dane will be the one footing their dinner bill.

Awaiting the 19-year-old Wozniacki in the next match is sixth seed and former world No.1 Jelena Jankovic of Serbia, whom Wozniacki hasn’t defeated in any of their three encounters.

Wozniacki is projected to reach career-high ranking of No.2 when the rankings are updated on Monday. (photo: Tidalist)


  1. i think she is a good player but she should not be #2 in the world, i mean she really has no weapons. She is a good defensive player and she is consistent but thats it. Look what happened when she played Li Na in australia, she couldnt do anything against her power cause she cant force the issue. this whole ranking system is just messed up

  2. Juhuuu, I see Wozzynka like number 1 ūüôā if she wins IW, defends and gets even some more points in Miami, she will be the queen ūüôā Come on, Wozzy ūüôā

  3. Yeah I am so happy for her. Also ML she is number two because she is very consistent, but I will admit it helps that Dinara is out with an injury so she is is losing many points. And she does have weapons, she plays consistent. She won’t make too many errors, her serve is better and she is starting to hit the ball a lot harder than she used to.

  4. i argee that she is consistent and i noticed against radwanska that she has added more power but i could never see her beating a sharapova, williams, or henin because she cant force the issue. i think she is a very fine player but #2 in world? she just shouldnt be there. at least not yet

  5. guys, u are all right, caro is very consistent and plays much harder than in the past. she has a lot to improve, that¬īs true.
    ML i think the ranking system is constructed well because it says how players play that current year, it has nothing to do with a previous achievments. i really like serena but she shouldn¬īt be number 1 because she is playing just some tournaments and gives her best to game almost only on the GS ones. if we considered past achievments of the players, some of them would be on the top even without playing. caro is ranked high because she plays often and have great results reguraly.

  6. I agree with ML, although Wozniacki is consistent, I don’t think that she deserves to be ranked as high as she is. Certainly she is a top 10 player, but whether she is even top 5 standard yet, I don’t know. Well done to her for getting there, but many of the top players have been struggling recently and this might be part of the reason that she got there. I think Azarenka is a lot more talented. Wozniacki has 9 wins over the current top 10, compared to Azarenka’s 11 and Azarenka has also beaten better players like Safina, Serena, Sharapova and Jankovic, none of whom Wozniacki has beaten. Azarenka has also been to three major quarter-finals to Wozniacki’s one, even though Wozniacki got to a final, but she only had to beat one top 10 player to get there. Over the next year I expect Azarenka to do better than Wozniacki and I think the fact that her progress has been slower is better for her in the long-term.

  7. The previous years does affect the ranking system cause players have to defend points from the previous year but i do think serena should be number one. if you ask yourself who is better than her, its hard to find an answer. i dont like how rare it is that she plays but she is the best in the world right now

  8. ML no one is better than Serena, she knows it, and when she wants to win she always does, but only when she WANTS. and she is kinda proud on playing just some tournaments as I saw some interviews.

  9. I think in tennis everyone can beat everyone. Rankings are fair as they reflect consistency. Caroline does deserve her ranking as she achieved it thanks to winning many matches. The same goes with Dinara Safina. She got to number one because of her consistency. I mean if someone is able to surpass in the ranking a winner of three slams they have to be a hell of a good player, don’t you think. It’s fair that the ranking reward the most hard working players. Winning grand slams is a big achievement however the season doesn’t consist of 4 tournaments… I’m getting annoyed when people undermining players who did not win a slam.
    I think Serena’s tactic is to achieve the best resulsts with the least input possible. That’s why I don’t consider her to be worth no.1. No.1 player dominates the season not just 4 tournaments a year.

  10. But if the ranking system rewards consistency, then Wozniacki shouldnt be #2 in the world right now. This final is her best result the entire year. Yes it is one of the biggest tournaments on the schedule, but she lost early in Sydney, Australia, and Dubai. So if it rewards conisstency shouldnt Venus be #2 because she got to the quarters of Australia and then won Dubai and Acapulco. Those are consistent results if you ask me

  11. ML as it was said, ranking systems is also about defending points, that¬īs why Vee is not the best. Last year, she won there as well, som if she lost, she would fell in rankings. BTW, I think that rankings are not the most important thing because if someone likes some player, he will cheer for him on every spot. ūüėČ


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