Sania Mirza’s future husband already married?


Sania Mirza

It wasn’t enough that Indian tennis star Sania Mirza announced her new marriage only a couple of months after separating from her previous fiancé, and it wasn’t enough that her new love is from Pakistan which has tricky relations with India, but the story had to become even more intriguing with suspicions that her future husband Shoaib Malik might already be married.

Now you’re thinking it’s unbelievable, but wait, it’s getting even better. The 28-year-old Malik got married over the phone in 2002, to a woman he met on the Internet and saw only in a photograph! The woman’s name is Ayesha Siddiqui, and she is from Hyderabad, the hometown of Sania Mirza.

“I was made to believe the girl in the photograph was the one I was speaking to,” Malik said about his Internet relationship. “The truth is, I haven’t, to this day, met the girl in the photographs Ayesha sent me.”

Here’s what the 23-year-old Sania Mirza, who should marry Malik in less than 15 days, said about the bizarre situation: “I know, we know what the truth is and it will come out and we believe in justice”.

Police are now conducting investigation because Siddiqui’s family is claiming that Malik is already married to her. It is still not known whether his marriage is legally valid under Islamic law.

I suppose everything will end up fine for Mirza. All the things in her life always have to go through that dramatic stage. (source: BBC, photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. I don’t think this blog should go so deep into someone’s personal life…after all it is a blog about tennis, I might be wrong!!

    Greetings Marija

  2. I don’t think this article is going deep into someone’s life. After all, half of the world’s media are reporting about it.

  3. Maybe I was not clear, the reason I had a problem with this article is because it is considered “gossip” and should be part of a tabloid, not a blog about tennis. I find it inappropriate and distastful, but again that is my opinion and I do not have less appreciation for this blog. This article just slightly distorted my perception on the blog’s purpose


  4. This blog has always covered tennis, with a slight mix of off-court stories about women’s tennis players.


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