Aravane Rezai stuns Justine Henin in Madrid Open first round


Aravane Rezai

Playing her first match since winning the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart in the end of last month, Justine Henin was bageled in the third set by Aravane Rezai and lost in the opening round of the $4,500,000 Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open.

The 4-6 7-5 6-0 victory of Rezai over Henin on clay is making us question Henin’s title prospects for the upcoming French Open, but as usual in women’s tennis, everything is possible and you never know what will happen.

The world No.22 Rezai will play Dinara Safina in the second round, if the Russian defeats Klara Zakapalova in their first-round match. (photo: Stephane Martinache)


  1. Couldn’t believe that result when i saw it!!

    Thought it surely had to be an injury problem for Henin but, apparently, she has been feeling unwell since Stuttgart and had no energy.

    Hope thats all it is and that she’s ok for RG 🙂

  2. Jelena S., haha a JJ fan thanking Aravane. Really there is much to thank for! 🙂

    Bb, I like how she looks in that outfit, even though I would never wear it.

    Tony, you see, everything is possible, ok it’s not possible for JJ 😛

  3. I said this before I’ll say it again, both Belgians Justin H. and Mrs K.C. have been inconsistent this year.

    So who are you going to rooting for Ms. Marija, JJ or Ana in their second clash?

  4. Well Justine blamed her sickness for the loss and some good play from Rezai so she definitely wasn’t 100%. I still am for Juju for the RG title.

  5. French looks so open now!! Justine, Kim, Jelena would be up there…Serena and Sam in with a shot… Ana and Lucie as dark horses… Caroline, Victoria, Svetlana, Vera, Elena…anyone’s guess… it’s defnitely a wide open field this year.

  6. Carlos, I will root for hmmm Ana because she needs this win more desparately, but then again for JJ because she’s having a 2-6 record against Ana. So the answer is: I will just watch and see what happens. 🙂

    Karunya, Juju is Justine Henin.

  7. Shame she lost, she must have been quite unwell. Anyway, I’d rather she loses now and is well prepared for RG. Juju for the winner! Allez 🙂
    Aravane’s dress is crazy, by the way, 😀

  8. haha, lu, they probably arnt. well, there are, but photo editing these days, you’d be amazed!

  9. omg it was such a long match! I came home from school at like 13,00 cet and watched a little bit, it was the begging of the second set. then I went back to school and when I finally got back home at 15,00 the match was still on, lol 😛
    I am amazed since I saw Britney´s photos 😛

  10. I loved Marija’s comment about who she would be rooting for JJ or Ana!

    I have the same stance, just watch and see!

    RG–I don’t think it is too open…there are a select few: JJ, Justine and potentially (chances not as high–Ana Ivanvic)

    I doubt that Safina, Wozniaki, Vika or the Sisters will have as big of a shot as JJ or Justin…they SHOULD be the clear favorites.

    What do you think Marija? Still too early for you?

  11. Jacob, nice outfit, I like the neutral colors.

    Marine, oh well, she has to lose sometimes. 🙂

    LuLinQa, or maybe you don’t spend much time at school haha just kidding. 🙂

    Carlos, well it’s just the truth.

    Bb, having in mind their latest results the four players you mentioned are not as dark horses as they should be. JJ and Justine, could be… but you never know… look who won Rome. Maybe some other player like that will emerge at Roland Garros. Justine is still my favorite though.

  12. I’ve been there Ms. Marija, torn between two of my favorite NBA (basketball) teams San Antonio Spurs vs. Detroit Pistons in the NBA finals a few years back. I decided to root for the home team, my luck the series went to a decisive game 7. I understand, just root for whomever is serving or root for the one who is returning serve. 😛

    Dark Horse for RG 10 I’ll go with the Big Stuff Bunny.

    How hideous was the tennis skirt that Divapova wore in her first round loss in Madrid? I got dizzy just by looking at the photos of it. 😛

    LuLinQa and Jacob those are Wozniacki’s legs

  13. oh maybe they are real!!!!! yeah, sharapovas skirt was nasty! haha, i love your nicknames for players. jelena and justine seem to be on fire at the moment, even with her loss. you never know, maybe she was told not to win? more of a “suprise” to fans and people if she wins.. or not? haha. i want samantha to go far – i think she can! top five to take the title are;


  14. I do not think Caroline has big chance at Roland Garros because her injury seems to be bothering her a lot and there’s just 11 days to go.

  15. Good point Ms. Marine, but I’m still keeping the Big Stuffed Bunny as my dark horse. I know, I know, I’m stubborn. 😛

    I’ll shall now go and meditate on who has the chance to win RG. Naaaah, I’ll put all the names on a hat and pick the winner that way. 😛

  16. how come nobody comments on serena or venus dresses. or the crazy green dress that jj had on


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