Caroline Wozniacki advances to round two of Roland Garros


Caroline Wozniacki

Despite the ankle injury sustained in Charleston in April, which also forced her to withdraw from the Polast Warsaw Open last week, Caroline Wozniacki is playing the 2010 French Open and the Dane even surrendered only three games against Alla Kudryavtseva to advance to the second round. Wozniacki had lost five of her last eight matches prior to this 6-0 6-3 victory over the 78th-ranked Kudryavtseva.

In the second round, the third-seeded Wozniacki will have the first career meeting with world No.56 Tathiana Garbin, who defeated Justine Henin in the second round of the 2004 Roland Garros. It has been Henin’s only loss at Roland Garros since 2002. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. The big Stuffed Bunny play pretty good. I did not see signs that her ankle was bothering her. She has an easy draw.

    Ms. Marija why were you doubting her participation in RG?

  2. Well a lot of sports commentators were doubting her participation in RG because she sustained an ankle injury but never really gave it that much time to heal, she continued to play matches week in and week out, so at this point I really wonder if she’ll remain injury free throughout the rest of her time at the tournament as the wear and tear of constantly playing won’t help her ankle. But definitely I wish her the best!

  3. Marine, hahaha this pic is awesome!! Thanks for sharing. It looks like a nightgown, and I’ve already said this in some of the comments, I like it that she’s not waring something boring as it was often the case with EleVen. Alright, it is too much, but better than those lame designs that all looked the same. Maybe something’s wrong with me, I also like watching Rezai in that gold dress. 😛

  4. I read the quote Ms. Marija, it sounded something The Big Stuffed Bunny said in the heat of the moment. It would have been too ironic: The player that likes playing a lot tournaments misses one of the most important tournaments of the year because she got injured while playing a lot of tournaments.

    The young lady that doesn’t like colorful outfits likes the “Goldie Outfit”? Does this mean that Hello Kitty has a chance? 😛

    If women tennis players start wearing lingerie on court, I can only imagine the T.V. ratings spike and record crowd attendance from overly sexed men. 😛

  5. Carlos, I like the goldie on Rezai. I often like many things, but not on myself. I also like colorful outfits, but I normally wear few colors.

  6. Almost forgot, Ms. Lilly, I don’t think The Big Stuffed Bunny will be injury free through out the tournament. We have to keep an eye on the status of her ankle round by round. BTW she is playing doubles with Dani H. If she goes deep in both singles and doubles her ankle will be tested.

    Ms. Marija, I bet you would look good wearing anything colorful or not. 😉

    I shall now go to console Hello Kitty. 😛

  7. Marija, you like Rezai’s dress??? Oh, my…:-D. I prefer outfits which do not make you forget this is a sportswear :-D, I really like Adidas line and I think JJ’s current dress was cute, too. I think Venus overboiled it A LOT and I find Rezai just maaaad.

  8. I wonder how is Wozzy going to do in doubles. I admire her for getting over the injuries and all the troubles so fast, hopefully she’ll have a good run here.

  9. Marine, I like how the dress suits Rezai. 🙂 haha As for the classiness and pure sports look, adidas is the leader, I agree. It’s even better than Nike. But Nike has more innovative and edgier designs.

  10. I agree, I think the outfits, although they should be creative, individualistic, cool, whatever adjective you want to use, they should still be proper, holds everything in outfits. If you see Maria’s other outfit for RG, 1 strap is so thin, if it snapped during a point it was cause problems. Same thing for Venus, I mean that picture from above-something could go really wrong.
    Although Justine’s outfits aren’t the prettiest, I’d chose those to play in at all times and then off the court wear things like Venus’ dress.

  11. Dani H. is a pretty good doubles player, I don’t think The Big Stuffed Bunny is. I’m curious to see how are both of them going to click on court. Hopefully Dani can give a few pointers to The Stuffed Bunny and modeling tips.

  12. Danka H. is great doubles player. Wozzy isn´t bad either. I wish them luck 🙂
    Everytime I see Vee on the court, I am afraid that her breast will jump out of her dress! I don´t mind that kind of neckline, but she should really wear something more sporty for the matches, nothing what looks like negligee.
    I like Serena´s outfits, they are simple and sporty 🙂

  13. Well, I think Venus is not that busty to have such an accident, it’s more her see-through shorts which cause my concerns. I think this dress could do some big damage if Serena wore it though, 😀

  14. Marine, I’m making an overview of RG outfits. Hope I won’t forget anyone important. Hey, I’ll use your phrase “fashion radar” in the title. 🙂


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