Nike designs for Wimbledon 2010: Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Li Na

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Nike is one of the best producers of tennis apparel and here’s a special about the outfits their top players will wear at Wimbledon 2010.

Maria Sharapova's Nike dress for Wimbledon 2010Maria Sharapova's Nike dress for Wimbledon 2010

Maria Sharapova’s dress I’ve already talked about, and now I’ll just say that its official name is apparently the Lawn Rose Dress and its inspired by English rose petals.

Serena Williams' Nike dress for Wimbledon 2010Serena Williams Nike dress for Wimbledon 2010

Defending champion Serena Williams will wear the Control Lawn Dress, inspired by the Wimbledon tradition of strawberries and cream. The dress features piping in Voltage Cherry against the traditional white palette.

Li Na's Nike outfit for Wimbledon 2010Li Na's outfit for Wimbledon 2010

Li Na will wear a top and a skirt, in colors similar to Serena’s dress.

You can visit Nike’s 2010 Wimbledon lookbook, a site dedicated to the clothes for the grass court Grand Slam.


  1. Nike is keeping it classy. All of these should look good. I’m curious to see what Azarenka will wear, as she wears Nike aswell. Who else wears Nike other than Sharapova, Serena, Li Na, Azarenka and Safarova? Because it seems that Adidas designs are seen on the tennis courts more frequently.

  2. Sadly…Not impressed, not impressed, not impressed!

    Marija…how are preparations for the final exam going?

  3. serena’s dress would be nicer with a bottom like li’s dress.

    maria’s is…
    last years ivanovic’s dress last year = mesh’a new dress

  4. Not really, i mean, it has a simular bottom, but totally different top. Ivanovic’s dress was a plain white dress with see-through mesh on top, marias dress is totally layering. I see your point though, Emi.

  5. Ana’s dress last year was waay better than what Maria is wearing this year. So far I am not impressed with any of the designs. Maybe it is coz Wimbledon implements strong rules, so u cannot focus on outfit as much as u can at the other Grand Slams!

    Just saying…am I right or wrong?

  6. Clijsters out in two sets – quarterfinals (Aegon Intern’l) defeated by Azarenka. I tell ya this year’s Wimby will be quite interesting.

    *bb-yes you are right.

  7. El, I still don’t know what Venus will be wearing, but I’m not expecting much. She could even recycle some old design.

    Bróna, I think you named them all. Of these three designs, I like Sharapova’s the least. As I’ve already said, I don’t like the style phase Maria’s going through.

    Bb, I’ve just started my preparation. Hope it will all end up well, it should… As for Wimbledon and fashion, I think it still offers a lot of space, if you know how to use it. I absolutely loved Maria’s 2008 Wimbledon outfit:’s-nike-outfit-for-wimbledon-2008/ I think that for Wimbledon top players should bring a touch of extra class and luxury.

    Jacob, I don’t think it’s bad, it’s just simple.

    Emi, I also prefer the design of Li’s outfit.

  8. sorry jacob i left out a plus sign there it was confusing

    so its like she took the top off her dress from last year and the bottom off ivanovic’s dress last year, changed it a little bit to create 2010 WIMBLEDON DRES!

    also rezai’s friend has something “special” for wimbledon so we wont be seeing that disgusting alfoil skirt thing i hope.

    bróna marian bartoli wares nike but is not sponsord.

  9. I love how for Serena and Maria they have names for their dresses, but not for Li Na… (even if it’s just a top and bottom)
    Also, how do they get pictures of the players in their outfits on grass before they play in the tournament? Are these pictures just of the players’ modeling?

  10. Emi, thank you for reminding me, I had forgotten about Bartoli wearing Nike. She’s not sponsored? Thats kind of like how Sveta was, she wore Fila for ages but I think she has only been sponsored by them fairly recently, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

    Lilly, I think that the photos are from last year so they are photoshopped with the new dresses, even though they look pretty genuine!

  11. Lilly, yeah, when I was writing this article I thought: where’s Li’s name?

    Bróna, you think they didn’t model? Wow, I forgot how almighty photoshop is. 😛

  12. Marija, I do think they modelled the designs, but I think that those photos are definitely photoshopped, partly because I heard somewhere that the men’s photos were, so that would lead me to believe that the women’s photos were too. Also, it just seems to me that those poses would be hard to ‘create’, they just seem pretty natural- as in they came straight from the tennis court.

  13. no problem Bróna but yes im very sure Bartoli is not sponsord by nike but just wares there clothing. if i remember correct she was told by some sponsor that they will be in contact with her and four years later shes still waiting for a call!

  14. Bróna, I believe you, but I kind of forgot how much you can do with Photoshop. It’s amazing that they took on-court pics and just put new outfits on players. Good idea, anyway. The poses are natural and players don’t have the hassle of posing in a photo shoot.


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