Sensitive Dinara Safina quits Twitter

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According to James LaRosa, Twitter is no longer Dinara Safina’s place to visit because of offensive people.Dinara Safina quits Twitter

Serena Williams is the most active player on Twitter, she’s practically addicted to Twitter, and I like what one commentator said on Forty Deuce: “Dinara does not have thick skin, clearly. Serena seems to survive just fine.” Marat, step in!

Safina last tweeted something on July 25.


  1. Hate those mean people! If you don’t like the girl, don’t bother her and others with your evil words! Keep it for yourself!:S Or…be aware of the consequences dealing with her brother!!! 😀

  2. Fame has good and bad sides. She just prove she is psychicly weak. The best way how to fight with bad staff is to deal with it and simply ignore it. The worst thing she could do..

  3. Oh, for goodness sake. She’s a private person and the no-holds-barred commentary on TWitter may well have taken her by surprise. Believe it or not, it is OK to be a sensitive and reflective person. It has nothing to do with being “weak”.
    Maybe a “loud” person is only quiet when they are feeling a bit down or insecure so they assume that a normally ‘quiet” person MUST be weak.
    Different strokes for different folks.

  4. rcm, I completely agree with you. Sensitive/reflective people are not weak. I am going to miss her very much on Twitter, but this way may be the best for her.

  5. I think she is not weak, it’s just some people who can be really insensitive especially when they benefit from the anonymity of the Internet.

  6. Yes, there are many anonym idiots on the Internet, but she is not the only one who was being offenced. I think almost every celebrity is and if everyone behaved like her, there would be no twitter.

  7. True, sensitive people are not weak. Dinara shouldn’t pay attention to mean people on Twitter (especially anonymous people – are they people at all?), as I’m sure many more are encouraging and loving. But it’s her decision and it’s ok. It’s not like the end of the world if you quit your Twitter account. Ok, for Serena it could be. 😛


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