Ana Ivanovic’s adidas outfit for US Open 2010


Ana Ivanovic's US Open adidas outfit

Ana Ivanovic has confirmed her adidas outfit for the US Open. It’s the same dress she’s currently wearing, again with optional leggings, only that the new color scheme is pink. The official name of the dress is adidas Women’s Fall Ana adilibria Dress.

Ana’s fist pump doesn’t look that energetic in the picture, like she knew she would lose in the first round of the Mercury Insurance Open in San Diego. Shahar Peer defeated her 7-6(3) 6-3. Peer had only two break points in the match, and converted just one, but it was enough to beat Ivanovic.


    Adidas Adilibria girls will be so pink :-). Well I prefer Adilibria fall shirt and skirt. Dress is cute too. Maybe without legging – it is so girly (maybe I am gonna change my mind when see it on TV). But most of all I hope that Ana will have enough time to wear all of that .

  2. She needs to take the year off and dominate at the Hopman cup 😀

    Pretty dress, wish the purple and pink more blended… if that makes sense.

  3. Jacob, you want Ana’s best just for you, I got it 🙂
    Dress are not ugly but the edge under the breast is just too harsh. Blending is a good idea. If Masha had made this outfit, it would have definitly been more sticked together, I mean the colors would be soft-toned. Legings don’t match with that dress, the pink is different and with wearing white-pink shoes it will be just too pinkish. So: nice dress ruined with bad colors.


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