Williams sisters to play Fed Cup final against Italy


Venus and Serena Williams

Serena and Venus Williams have committed to play for their country in the 6-7 November Fed Cup final against Italy. The sisters haven’t participated in the tournament since 2007.

The United States will host the event at the San Diego Sports Arena and other members of the team will be Melanie Oudin, Bethanie Mattek-Sands and doubles world No.1, Liezel Huber.

“I strongly believe that this team can win the Fed Cup title on our home soil,”  said US Fed Cup Captain Mary Joe Fernandez.

The United States hasn’t won a Fed Cup title since 2000, and in last year’s final the US team didn’t win a single match against Italy. (photo: Emmett Anderson)


  1. its a different story now. the williams sisters didnt play last time, and flavia was on form… the rest of the italian team arnt even worth mentioning (sorry). francesca hasnt won a match since rune i believe so her form is really bad.

    hmmm. america will win. i would have thought christina mchale would be a better option though, rather than bethany/melanie.

  2. I was thinking of the Beautiful Boss when I came up with this: “The Coffee Duality Indeterminacy” = Coffee is good but is bitter at the same time.

    The two options for captain Mary Jo Fernandez is to include both Williams sisters or stick with the people who took you to the finals. The goal is to win. If both Williams sisters are healthy is more than likely the U.S. will win. You stick with the crew that brought you to the final and they pull off the victory, it would be rewarding for those who were there since round one. Both sisters neglected to play the first rounds of Fed Cup, and now they only need to play the final to possibly celebrate with other team mates who fought valiantly through the early rounds. Again the objective is to win, in order to win you must have the best players and the Williams sisters are clearly the best players of the bunch. Which ever option Mary Jo chooses would be good for some and bad for others.

    Oh, and I would like sugar on coffee please.

  3. I think it is not fair if Fernandez turns her back at the players who participated in the previous rounds because THEY are the ones who brought the US team to the final. They’ve proven their qualities and determination by that therefore they should be given the spotlight they deserve. Enough of star treatment.
    Let’s be realistic. Williamses are playing to be able to take part at the Olympics otherwise they would not care.

  4. It is all about opportunity. I don’t feel that the sisters are getting the star treatment-(we know which women on the tour really really get star treatment-okay?)they are in the top 10 in the world. Therefore should be considered to play.

    Mary Jo as captain of the U.S. Fed Cup would like to try and win at least one final during her tenure. Can you blame her?

    I agree that it is sad for the players that usually play but they have not been able to win a final and that is more important to Mary Jo and the U.S. Tennis.

    It remains to been seen if the sisters will actually play in the final.

  5. I thought America had some statue that signifies their liberty, the land of the free. If the Williams sisters chooses to play or not to play the fed cup they are just being patriotic to the symbol of the statue of liberty and the land of the free.

  6. Ms. Marija to simplify: Mary Jo either choses the players that got the U.S. to the finals or the best players (the Williams sisters) who did refuse to play in earlier rounds. Both options are good yet at the same time both options have some negative undertone. Is a tough choice for M.J. I don’t have a problem which ever she chooses. I personally would choose the players who got the U.S. to the finals. In the end winning the Fed Cup is the goal. I do have mixed feelings about the subject hence “The Coffee Duality Indeterminacy”.

    Does it now make sense?

  7. Carlos, yes, it makes sense. I totally agree with you. Both options are good and both could be criticized at the same time. Imagine if she said to the Williams sisters like: you shouldn’t play because you were not there since the beginning. It would be a scandal. On the other hand, why not include them when will make the team unbeatable.

  8. In the words of John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious!” You are playing the Williamses in place of the girls who did all the work to get to the final? Mary Joe, I used to be a fan of yours but not any more. You are just a puppet for the USTA.
    Pathetic. I’m through with the American women.

  9. Marine, you’re right, nobody’s unbeatable nowadays. But both Williamses in a team make it much much stronger. I’m sure you agree.


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