Broken glass fatal to Serena Williams’ participation at US Open 2010


Serena and Richard Williams

Watch where you’re stepping – that’s what we can learn from Serena Williams’ situation, as the 13-time Grand Slam champion and three-time US Open champion won’t be able to compete at this year’s US Open because she still hasn’t recovered from the foot injury she sustained at a restaurant in July, when she stepped on broken glass.

The world No.1 said that missing the tournament is one of the most devastating moments of her career. She hasn’t played competitive tennis since winning Wimbledon.

Williams’ withdrawal means that world No.2 Caroline Wozniacki will be the top seed at the 2010 US Open. (via Craig Hickman’s Tennis Blog, photo: sr_cranks)


  1. How very disappointing. I consider Serena and her sister Venus, to make any tournament a must-see if they participate. I admire their skills, but even more their integrity, sportsmanship and well-rounded personalities.
    Please heal soon, we’ll miss you Serena.

  2. I would never have considered myself a Serena Williams fan at all, but I have to say that I am really genuinely disappointed that she won’t be in New York. 🙁 There is no doubt that she’s the best player in the world, and with so many of the other top players injured, recovering from injuries or just not playing well, this seems to be the most open slam in the last few years. Go Masha!! 🙂

  3. It will interesting to see if a 1st time grand slam winner is produced. This certainly is the opportune moment.


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