Melanie Oudin switches from “believe” to “courage” for the US Open


Melanie Oudin mi adidas Barricade action

Melanie Oudin was the media darling of the 2009 US Open when she became the youngest American player to advance to the tournament quarterfinals in 10 years. Her thrilling run was accompanied by the word “believe” on her adidas Barricade shoes she personally designed through For this year’s US Open Oudin chose the word “courage” for her new pair of Barricade 6.0’s.

Melanie Oudin mi adidas Barricade

You know how people love these success stories, so all eyes will be on the 18-year-old Oudin during the 2010 US Open. She will surely need a lot of courage to bare the pressure. Fellow tennis blogger Diane wrote a nice article about the high expectations and Melanie Mania.

In 2010 Oudin has had good runs only in Paris (semifinals), Memphis (quarterfinals), Ponte Vedra Beach (quarterfinals), and Charleston (quarterfinals). She lost in the first or second round of all the other tournaments, including the five US Open Series tournaments she played.


  1. I also don’t like the design, it’s as if one half of the shoe complimented the colour of the dress and another one a colour of a tennis ball. LOL. Too “funny”.


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