Martina Hingis signs multi-year partnership with Yonex


Martina Hingis

Yonex has announced a new multi-year partnership with Martina Hingis, their longtime endorser. The news contributes to the recent hints that Hingis could come back from retirement to play doubles, as she will now, according to the announcement, “serve as a featured member of the Yonex advisory staff, play the new EZONE 100 racquet and continue to use the brand’s tennis bags, strings and other accessories”.

Hingis has been playing exhibitions and today she will play another one, at Arthur Ashe Stadium. The new EZONE series of racquets was launched at the start of the 2010 US Open. (via: Women Who Serve, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. What was that supposed to mean, Carlos? .Really silly. By the way, her cocaine tests have been proven negative after further analysis.

  2. Yes I do 😛 Ms. Marija and thank you for defense 🙂

    Ms. Marine, you didn’t like this classic song? 😛 Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last I heard the second test that was done also came back positive for cocaine. If another re-test was done I would like to know where it was done and by whom. It might have been done by a Hingis fan and might have tainted the test. You never know. 😛 In the mean time I’ll shall keep enjoying this classic song that really goes with the occasion. 😛

    I like teasing people that I like 🙂

  3. Carlos, the second test? When was it, I don’t remember any more… The more time goes by the more I believe Hingis was innocent.

  4. Whether people like it or not, I heard T.V. media reports here in the U.S. that a re-test was done and came back positive. I can not remember when exactly the reports came out Ms. Marija, but I remember seeing that news on T.V.

    I thought it was a mistake by the lab when I heard the news. I said to myself that I needed to see the result of a re-test. I was surprised when I heard the news that the re-test came back positive, sadly it changed my mind.


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