Caroline Wozniacki wins fifth title of the season in Tokyo


Caroline Wozniacki had been sharing the top position of 2010 WTA titles with Kim Clijsters, but with the victory over Elena Dementieva in the final of the Toray Pan Pacific Open the Dane became the only leader with five WTA titles this season. Prior to this year, Wozniacki had never won a match at the Tokyo tournament.

The top-seeded Wozniacki lost only seven games en route to the semifinals in Tokyo, but her last two matches were three-setters – a close 6-2 6-7(3) 6-4 victory over Victoria Azarenka in the semis and a survival of the tough first set loss to defeat Dementieva 1-6 6-2 6-3 in the final. The win at the Toray Pan Pacific Open added $350,000 to the $2,115,988 Wozniacki has earned in 2010.

Not only is world No.2 Wozniacki the Tour leader in the number of titles this season, she’s also the leader in both the number of finals played (she played six finals and lost only one at Indian Wells) and the number of matches won (54 matches).


  1. History I think will remember the number of GS wins over who has retained #1 unless it is sustained over a very long period of weeks.

    After the Safina debacle for holding the #1 spot with no GS titles the best yield for a #1 (no GS wins) spot is tournament seeding and appearance monies.

    Safina is known as the #1 player that never won a GS event. Let’s hope Woz makes a better #1 if she gets the ranking (win a GS) otherwise it becomes an empty number. IMO.

  2. Well, as far as I’ve heard Safina has been always referred as a former no.1 not any “debacle”. Besides, she’s not the first one who reached the no.1 spot without a slam. No.1 will be a top spot regardless no. of grand slams. Those who got to no.1 without a slam had to work harder than a slam winner to get there.

  3. @marine you stated: “Besides, she’s not the first one who reached the no.1 spot without a slam. No.1 will be a top spot regardless no. of grand slams.”

    Case in point -You will rarely find an ATP ranked as #1 without any GS win. This is why some find the ATP more credible and respected for their rankings.

    My posting was IMO it is not to argue if someone has a different opinion. In my circle and readings of blogs and past e-line news reports Safina had been and was laughed at for having the #1 ranking with no GS (choking in finals)she was also embarrassed and frustrated.

    Let’s be positive and hope that if Caro gets the #1 ranking that she also wins a GS in 2011. It is no secret that history notes GS wins overall.

    In a previous post Marija pointed out how the ranking system does not always favor the best player (after Clijster’s ranking dropped although she had won the US Open)via Forty Deuce Blog.

    Tennis fans can be very subjective and quite touchy when it comes to their faves. That is part of the love for the game. Peace Out!

  4. “Peace Out!”
    Well,as I see you can be very touchy about that subject,lol.

    I don’t know about your circles, I just stated my opinion, too.

  5. El, I’m pretty tired of the debate about the No.1 ranking in general, but I’ll break my opinion down in just 2 points.

    1) I believe that whoever reaches the No.1 ranking certainly deserves it.

    2) To be remembered in history as a champion requires a number of different things, and not just the ranking, neither just Grand Slams wins. There are Grand Slam champions that are not well-known. Basically, the more wins you have, the more weeks you spend as No.1, the longer you’re present as a tennis star, even the more your off-court persona is interesting, and many other things. Still, even if you become a No.1 and stay there for just a week is a great accomplishment and it’s just a very small fraction, very small, of all the people who pursued tennis as their career.

    About Clijster’s ranking, I didn’t imply that the ranking system doesn’t favor the best player.

  6. New to this blog therefore at a disadvantage and did not know that this subject had become tiresome. It was not my intent to attribute words that are unwarranted to anyone. The statement written was:

    “The rankings measure performance over the past 365 days, not just the current year and apparently not your whole career. Clijsters has had a better 2010 season than Zvonareva and it shows in the Race points, which sum up your points from the ongoing tennis season, that is from 2010 only. In the Race Clijsters is at No.3 ranked one spot higher than Zvonareva.” 09.16.2010/Blog.

    As of 10.04.2010 ranking: VZ #4, KC #5.

  7. Hi El, you’re welcome to this blog, and don’t feel like you’re at a disadvantage, we were just both expressing our opinions and there was nothing against you. Yeah, I’m tired of the topic, but it’s just me. Probably because I write this blog and because a lot of people comment on the No.1 situation and I read all the comments and respond to a lot of them. But you’re free to comment here as much as you want.

    Exactly. You said “In a previous post Marija pointed out how the ranking system does not always favor the best player” and in my article I didn’t state that, I just pointed out the facts, which was that Zvonareva had a better one-year period than Clijsters, Clijsters had a better 2010 season, and as to who has overall better career, for sure it’s Clijsters, but rankings are not about that, and it would be impossible for them to be.


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