Venus Williams ends her 2010 tennis season

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Venus WilliamsVenus Williams hasn’t competed since losing to Kim Clijsters in the semifinals of the US Open and it’s now official that the seven-time Grand Slam champion will not play until the start of the new season. The reason she put an end to tennis tournaments in 2010 is a left knee injury and you can see some recent photos of Venus walking with the help of crutches.

The fact that Venus will be out of the competition for the remainder of the season encompasses both the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha and the Fed Cup final against Italy.

Here’s what the third-ranked Williams said about the situation:

I have been getting treatment and therapy on my knee and have been making progress, but unfortunately must continue to keep weight off my knee for the short term and won’t be ready to return to competition in 2010. I am looking forward to returning to full health in time for the start of 2011 season and hopefully having the opportunity to play in both the Fed Cup and WTA Championships next year.

(source: AP, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Looking for news in this regard I have read that Venus is considering the idea to retire and end her racing career, because of knee always sore and tired due to the constant movements around the world… Some people even said that today will be convened a press conference to announce that, but I’m a little skeptical and I hope it is not true!!

  2. Francesca, thanks for sharing that with us. I haven’t heard she would retire, though. She’s supposed to resume play in 2011.

  3. Hi Marija, I’m back (again :P) …Sorry for the late reply, I had read about this rumor on TennisWorld Italia (online magazine), but they did not cite any particular sources, so I have no idea where they might have taken the news and I haven’t read anything like it anywhere …Then for the moment there were no surprises!! 🙂

  4. Linda, the retire of Venus at the moment is just a rumor unconfirmed by any official source, it’s assumed that she will resume to play at the beginning of 2011 season 🙂


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