Caroline Wozniacki needs just one win to become No.1


Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki beat Sara Errani 6-4 6-2 in the second round of the China Open and if she wins her third round match against Petra Kvitova she will become the first Danish player to reach the No.1 ranking. By overtaking Serena Williams at the top position, Wozniacki would become the 20th WTA player ever to raise to the highest spot in the rankings.

Wozniacki and Kvitova have faced each other three times, but never on hardcourts. The 35th-ranked Czech allowed Wozniacki to win only two games in their last meeting, this year on Wimbledon grass.

The victory over Errani was the world No.2 Wozniacki’s first win at the China Open in four attempts, and let’s see if she’ll pull off the crucial second one. (photo: Ralf Reinecke)


  1. The only reason why I would like Caroline to be world number one is that this makes Serena not think of herself as ”undisputed queen of tennis” who plays like… 6 tournaments a year and really tries hard only on Grand Slams! :/ I mean, being the best on 2 tournaments a year doesn’t make you world number 1, and it really doesn’t make you a tennis player to admire at all. It’s really an unfortunate situation in womens tennis for past 3 years, there just aren’t consistent players anymore, who can win and Gran Slam tournaments and others. Because of that there is a situation were young and menthally unready players, after playing just for 1 year on their best, become number ones not because there are the best, but because the others are just not good and there just isn’t anyone else for that place(case of Ivanovic, Safina and a little bit Jankovic). For me, without grand slam tournament, you aren’t a real number one or will ever be. I like Caroline as a person, but her being number one is just a case of pure luck. I’m not a big fan of her game,I don’t like seeing her running around the court and just throwing the ball over the net- that’s just not tennis for me. Navratilova once said when you get beaten by her, she didn’t beat you, but you beat yourself, and she is totally right. And her grand slam results this year are the worst for number one- Safina had 2 finals and SF, JJ final and 2 SF when they became n.1, and Caroline- she has only one SF?! Some things in women tennis definitely need to change. Sorry for the lenght, but I had to clear some things. 😛

  2. I agree with Mirjana. Caroline is a great person, however she is not deserving of the number one position. Far from it. There is nothing too special about her game, she has simply been a little more consistent in the last year than any other player (many of the top players could not find their form this year). Although she did reach the final of the US Open, she is still far behind the successes of Ivanovic, Safina, Jankovic. Her way to the top was too quick and way too easy in my opinion. She never really pulled any big upsets that I know of. She never beat: Venus, Serena, Jelena, Ana, Clijsters, Henin, Sharapova(only once). Doesn’t that tell you something? This should indicate that her route to the top was MUCH easier than any other player. She is much too young to be number one, but then again the Top ten is completely unrealistic so this news is unsurprising!

  3. Serena will always think of herself as “undisputed queen of tennis”, even if Caroline becomes No.1. Remember how Serena ridiculed Safina? And quite frankly, Serena is much greater tennis player than Caroline, and she has tons of results to back it up, including the No.1 ranking for a lot of weeks.

    Robten100, I believe Mirjana is referring to the year that player became No.1. This year Caroline had only one GS semifinal.

    As for whether Caroline deserves the No.1 position or not, I’ll just say this: why weren’t other so high-quality players consistent? their problem…

  4. Yeah, I did mean on this 2010 season, and I do agree with bb, Caro has definitely had a lot easier way. And the other players should really think about their form a little bit, it seems like there’s no middle in it- being out of form, they loose to anyone. :p

  5. I look at it this way had Venus not been injured like Serena. Both would have stopped Wozniacki in getting the ranking points she recieved in area’s like the summer hard courts, and recently the 900 points she got and now in Beijing…And then coming up Kremlin cup.
    Atleast Serena has had a great year 2 grandslams, and 2 double grandslams like venus!. Same with
    venus she did great even with her left foot injury.
    Showed up at the us open, and had a tough draw
    compaired to wozniacki, wozniacki had a cake walk until she played vera. Even though wozniacki is a humble player and has come along way I’m not sure
    who will win the season ending doha championship with everyone either tired or semi injured…But she is the clear favorite for the luck of the draw…

  6. Well, I guess I will be Sunshine’s only defender here :-). I think she definitely deserves the no.1 post if she wins today. I don’t agree that you can win any tournament “by luck”. She has been the most hard-working player. It’s a shame she did not manage to win a grand slam yet but she compensated for it by her consistent performance during the year.
    I think that in women’s tennis today grand slams are not a measure of being the best. I used to be in the past when grand slam champions played well and won not only at GS but also at the tour events.
    In my eyes a current no.1 is a bit of a fraud because she clearly saves herself for the “big 4” where she can rake the most ranking points. At the other tournaments where she supposedly “doesn’t care” her play leaves a lot to be desired. So, that makes me doubtful about how good she really is as this is not the first time a slam-less person overcame her in the rankings…
    I think the media will “have fun” with this one and will try to undermine Wozniacki but for me she is a more credible top player than Williams. She plays the tour & therefore wins the tour.
    Contrary to Williams’ belief tennis is not only about GS.

  7. I suppose I’ll back up the defense of Wozniacki.
    Being a professional tennis player myself I think I share the opinion of many that Wozniacki deserves to be No1. Although I don’t really like her myself she is the best player on tour at the moment. And although Serena Williams is one of the best player in the history of womens tennis, at the moment she is not number one. How good a tennis player one is they show at tournaments which then results in ranking points giving them a position they deserve on the list. Caroline has obviously done the best during the year of 2010 resulting in her being No1.
    Although as I said the greatness of a tennis player is seen in their game, it is also seen in their professionalism and Wozniacki has clearly proved she is by far more professional. As much as some people like her funky designs, the big earings and the scandalous hair styles. Lets not even begin to talk about her disputes with the umpires. So as shown I could go into a deep discussion about her past and point out all the things she did which make her unproffessional. However I choose to mention just the past few months (Aug-Jan). Serena was injured so she couldn’t play at all that part of the season. Why was she injured? Because she stepped on glass in a restaurant. Now questions are raised: what was she doing there? why was there broken glass? why wasn’t she looking out for herself?
    And I have a simple answer which not only answers these questions but also answers the questions: Why does she only play the big tournaments? Why isn’t she No1 at the moment?

    Well my friends the magical answer is:

    Serena Williams has been playing tennis for a very long time, she DOESN’T CARE that much anymore. Its not about the money, its not about the points, she just wants to get in as many GS’s before she quits.

    That can also explain the fact that she ‘TRAINED’ the other day in a wheelchair whilst wearing her Swarowski cast and SUNGLASSES with some neon leggings. That is not what a proffessional tennis player should be doing, but she DOESN’T CARE because she has proven herself already, no one can say she isn’t one of the best in history.

    Same goes for Venus, and the proof for her not so good proffessionalism are the outfits she wore. Although some of them pretty NIGHT GOWNS we should not have known what colour of thong she wore at the Roland Garros ’10.

    So much from me, hope everyone is having a good year so far.

    To all the Serbs: Hristos se Rodi! (for tomorrow) and of course Happy New Year (for th 14th)


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