What comes after Dementieva’s heartbreaking split with tennis


Elena DementievaElena Dementieva shocked the tennis world by leaving the sport without any prior notice, during the WTA Championships – Doha 2010. We have already shared with you some of the reasons behind Dementieva’s decision, and I’m sure you would like more information about her future plans.

First of all, when Dementieva said she was ready for a big change in her life, yes, she was thinking about having babies. When asked about plans to have children, Dementieva said: “I hope so, yeah.”

Also, you may have wondered how Dementieva will spend her time now that there is no travel and tennis in her life. The answer is that she will focus on her studies which she started last year at one of the best universities in Moscow. However, she will surely miss playing tennis and will follow the tournaments and congratulate players on their successes.

And of course, you may have wondered how Dementieva feels about not adding a Grand Slam title to her fruitful career. Well, she’s not preoccupied with it, because she always gave the very best of herself – “You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to try hard. And I did all the time.” (source: WTA Tour, photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. It’s only good things to come for Elena. I think she is a bit too modest when it comes to her accomplishments. She never won a slam but her record is very good and she won Olympics which is a dream for every athlete. She has not started as the one to beat but has become one of the top opponents over the years thanks to all the hard work and will to be better.
    I think she won’t be coming back unlike Kim and Justine, but I hope to see her at some exhibitions. I think she leaves tennis with a feeling of having done the best she could and enjoying a huge fan support. Her story is a success story.

  2. Marine, despite the lack of Grand Slam titles, Dementieva’s career will always bring back only the greatest memories to every tennis fan – both in terms of her results and in terms of her personality.

  3. Just like when Pat Rafter retired – I was devastated! A player with it all, the class, the game, the temperament, the guts, the fitness, the athlete physique, the warmth personality and gee she happens to be beautiful. For me it’s the fight that makes me like a player the most and who fights it out better then Elena? What a role model for the young ladies of tennis!!!! Go have babies Elena and come back we want to see more of your tennis prowess.


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