Heinz Gunthardt no longer coaching Ana Ivanovic

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Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic had to part ways with Heinz Gunthardt because his family and other obligations prevented him from being 100% dedicated to Ivanovic, while she needs a full-time coach – someone to accompany her at all tournaments and training periods.

Partnership with Gunthardt, which started in February 2010, brought improvements to Ivanovic’s game. Their cooperation ended after the China Open.

Ivanovic will not have a coach by her side in Bali, but she claims to have no problem with that as she went all the way to the Generali Ladies Linz title without a coach. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)


  1. Too bad Heinz doesn’t have the time, he and Ana were really a good team. Anyway, I think Ana should find coach similar to Heinz, someone cold who will keep her emotions under control, and plus make her train hard:D

  2. Ana is no longer an elite player,just a beauty queen who is getting older and losing her place to younger girls like Caro.JJ looks very old did anyone see her face in Doha,she needs work during the off season.So far the Serbians have been one hit wonders from Ana to Jokovic..

  3. Serbian tennis is doing pretty good, nothing to worry about.
    JJ has had a strong start of the season and Ana a stron finish (ongoing)so together they secured your reputation, haha.

  4. Serbian tennis is far from losing its glory. Ana is rapidly rising in the ranking (although it will take a lot of hard work in the off season to regain strength and maintain a consistency needed to be a top 10 player). JJ simply needs rest in order to recover and a little motivation to get back on track. In the end, if worse comes to worse, and both fail to achieve good results we still have Novak Djokovic to bring our spirits up. Viktor Troicki is also gaining momentum after his win in Moscow this year so Serbian tennis is still on the rise. I hope that 2011 will be much like 2007/2008 for Serbian Tennis as that was one of the peaks where all of our top three players won grand slams and/or came to the final stages of grand slams.

    What do you think Marija? Do you agree? In Your opinion did Serbian Tennis reach its peak and is in decline and Fyoto is suggesting or is it steadily rising? I would have to agree with the latter!

    Cheers Marija. I hope Ana does well in Bali and contributes to the (very) potential title at the Hopman Cup in January! I think the Australian Open will be the first even in which we will be able to see where Serbian tennis currently stands…

  5. When compared to the 2008 glory Serbian tennis is in decline, as there is no such grand success of all Serbian players at the same time, and that’s what Fyoto is referring to. However, Serbian tennis has proved not to be a one hit wonder because there are new Serbian players aiming to the top. So Novak, Ana and Jelena are certainly not the last ones to have brought big results to Serbian tennis. You see Troicki, you see Jovanovski, and I’m sure there are more to come. As for Ana and Jelena, I’m not really sure they will get back to where they were at their best, but as you can see in tennis, you never know. Maybe we won’t see soon the intensity of success that happened to Serbian tennis at one time – when Djokovic, Ivanovic and Jankovic were all in the very top of the tennis world, but that was really an amazing occasion and it’s only realistic that it couldn’t last for long. However, as for individual successes, there are many more to come, including all the present and new Serbian players.

  6. Judging by their overall performance during this season there has been a slow-down at the girls side. I think next year they will do better at big stages including grand slams. However, I getting close to top5 will be difficult because the competition is too strong and they have some improvements to make.


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