Dinara Safina wearing Sergio Tacchini at the 2011 Australian Open


Dinara Safina used to be a recognizable face of adidas, but it seems that the top brand decided to let her go, probably because they gave up on expecting much exposure for their clothes from the former world No.1.

Adidas’ prediction for the new season turned out to be correct, as in three tournaments this year Safina hasn’t won a single match, including the most recent Australian Open devastation by Kim Clijsters.

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The world No.75 Safina opened 2011 without a clothing sponsor, as you can see in the first photo, from the ASB Classic.

For the Grand Slam Safina secured the clothes of Italian brand, Sergio Tacchini.

However, Safina is still featured on adidas’ website, as one of their players. (via DeShawn Besabella)


  1. Poor Safina, this year has started really bad. No wonder that adidas decided to drop her although they could have taken into consideration she had a long-term injury problem.
    Maybe not having a rich demanding sponsor will be good for her, who knows. Hopefully she’ll improve as the season goes on.

  2. I feel sorry for Dinara, she looked so distraught!

    It’s curious that at the beginning of last year the opposite has happened with Flavia, Tacchini decided to let her go and then she signed with Adidas.

  3. I like this ST outfit, Dinara looks good in it and I still remember Flavia’s ST white dress (it was one of the best tennis outfits in the last couple of yers). Dinara will be back, wish her good health

  4. I find it interesting that Ana Ivanovic had a disastrous couple of years and fell in the rankings but got offered a lifetime sponsorship deal worth millions with Adidas and Dinara has one bad season due to injury and they don’t want her any more. Bit of a double standard.

  5. @Sarah
    It’s not double standard. Companies want to make profit, Ana is more popular player than Dinara and probably the clothes that she wears is better sold than Dinara’s. I guess that for the same reason Adidas didn’t give up Sania Mirza and Sorana Cirstea. Anyway I hope that these girls will forget AO and wish them successful 2011.

  6. poor dina :/
    i agree with Maja J., she is not popular as much as the other girls so she is not very valuable for sponsor like adidas.

  7. That’s what I mean by double standard. One standard for the prettier more popular player, the other for the less pretty, less popular but equally, or arguably more, talented player. However I do understand that in the advertising business its about the money and the clothes selling so see why these decisions are made. Would love to see Dinara get to the top again but not sure she’s got it in her. Hopefully she will prove me wrong.


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