Tennis is fabulous and so is fashion… meet Fetch


Morgan of Fetch Sport contacted me to share their new spring/summer 2011 collection and I decided to show it to you. Fetch prides itself on providing style and function both on and off the tennis court, and from what I can see at their website, it’s true.

This LA sportswear brand was launched in the fall of 2006 by former Southern Methodist University tennis player Christopher Louis, who wanted to unite his love of tennis and fashion.

The Fetch Sport logo shows the relation between dogs and tennis. You may think there’s none, but listen to Christopher’s story:

“I’d be teaching and people walking their dogs would ask me, ‘Hey, can we have a tennis ball for our dog?’. I’d give them a ball and seeing dogs with the ball in their mouth, I thought that would be a cool logo.”

Fetch also has a series of t-shirts featuring famous encouraging tennis expressions such as “c’mon”, “allez” and “vamos”. Fetch, where’s “ajde”, I have to ask?

And finally, who is wearing Fetch? American WTA players Alexandra Mueller and Riza Zalameda.

You’re free to give your feedback on the line. Do you like Fetch?


  1. I really like the logo and I can confirm that my dog is really happy when I give him the old balls 🙂

    I looked at the site out of curiosity and I must say that I have found many nice things, it’s a shame that (I seemed to understand) it’s not possible to buy from Europe.

    (Offtopic :P) I’ve just found the video in wich Caroline promote the Turkish airlines, I find it funny 🙂

  2. Francesca, the logo differs from the crowd, I also like it. Their online store doesn’t ship to Europe, only the US, and there are no shops in Europe. Pity.

    I like that commercial for Turkish Airlines. And if they asked me, I would do a commercial for them as well. 🙂 They are my favorite airline. Not that I used hundreds of them, but still.

  3. Marija, Regina George is a fictional character in the film ‘Mean Girls’. I suppose fetch is another word for cool and in the film one of Regina’s friends constantly uses it, which annoys Regina’s character, and Regina George’s comment above is one of the quotes from the film! Just thought I’d take the liberty to explain 🙂

  4. Bróna, wow, thanks for explaining that! I thought it was just a mean passer-by, while it was actually a cool comment! 🙂


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