Fed Cup: Kuznetsova and Pavlyuchenkova edge Russia against France to regain pride


On the left you can see the results of this weekend’s Fed Cup action in World Group.

The first thing I’d like to point out is that Russia recovered their Saturday’s two hurtful losses on home soil in Moscow (Svetlana Kuznetsova’s to Alize Cornet, and Maria Sharapova’s to Virginie Razzano) and defeated France 3-2 to reach the semifinals. At least on paper, the improvement happened when Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova replaced Maria Sharapova! Pavlyuchenkova defeated Cornet, Kuznetsova defeated Razzano, and the two of them together clinched victory for Russia by winning the deciding doubles over Julie Coin and Pauline Parmentier.

Russia will play holders Italy in April’s semifinals. Italy eased past Australia 4-1, and that result includes the repeat of the 2010 French Open final in which Francesca Schiavone beat Samantha Stosur.

The other semifinal will feature Belgium and the Czech Republic. Belgium won 4-1 against the United States, last year’s runners-up. Kim Clijsters and Yanina Wickmayer both won their two singles matches. As for the Czech Republic, they earned an unassailable 3-0 lead with Petra Kvitova’s victory over Daniela Hantuchova in the first singles match on Sunday. Later, Czech Lucie Safarova retired from the match against Slovak Jana Cepelova in the third set, and the Slovaks won the doubles, so the final score is 3-2.

Additional info: You must be expecting me to update you on the Serbia vs. Canada World Group II tie. Well, Serbia won 3-2 after a deciding tight doubles match! 🙂 By winning all the matches she played, Bojana Jovanovski just confirmed her status of a solid player rushing to the very top, but there is more great news – Serbia has a new tennis prospect lurking, Aleksandra Krunic took our hearts and showed that she is also the one to watch! The 17-year-old Krunic closely lost her singles match against Rebecca Marino on Saturday, but then didn’t let the disappointment repeat and earned the victory for Serbia in the decisive doubles, teamed up with Bojana Jovanovski.


  1. Marija, for France in the doubles Alize has replaced Pauline, I saw the match yesterday and I must say that I am a little sorry for France, they have played better in the first set but after lost the tie break they collapsed, in particular I was sorry to see Alize crying after the match because she is on track to return in confidence and I belive that this defeat has hurt a lot!

    PS: Really happy for Italy :)…How’s your leg? Could you go to see the match?

  2. I’m so happy we (Serbia) finally won the doubles match! I think Vranes made a great decision putting Jovanovic in 2nd singles, so Krunic was so fresh in doubles, and I think she had a decisive part in this win, ’cause she really fought hard and stayed positive although there were really hard moments in the 1st set. I hope in next round Ana and JJ will play, ’cause only like that we have a real, strong team!:D As for the others, I’m glad the Russian pulled it through, althogh I’m sad for Maria, she must be really disapponted.:( I heard she is working on new technique with her new coach, so she probably needs time to get in the shots, and then hopefully she’ll be a threat again!:)

  3. Congratulations to all girls that managed to win for theit countries. And can anyone tell me why Pavlyuchenkova replaced Maria?? Is she injured or something?

  4. Maria posted one of the reasons on her FB page http://www.facebook.com/Sharapova , but I think there’s a lot more than that. She’s clearly not in good form, it seems she’s been changing her shots or something, so I guess after the match which she lost in straights they decided it’s better that someone else plays, and decision was good.

  5. Thanks Mirjana, it was obviously a good decision to give the match to Pavlychenkova, but I hope she’ll play better this week in Paris,even though it’s too soon(only 3 days) to make some bigger improvement. However, go Maria!:D

  6. Francesca, well imagine when they spoiled a 2-0 lead! 😛 Who wouldn’t be upset.

    Congratulations for you win! 🙂 Oh, my leg is so so. There was no way I could go to watch matches live. This week I’ll stay at home as well. I may have contracted some tropical disease in Thailand. I don’t know, but doctors here are not sure of what I have. Tomorrow I’ll see a specialist for infectious diseases. My leg is doing better, but the healing process is slow. I hope everything will be ok.

    Mirjana, I’m actually glad Ana and Jelena didn’t play this time. They did their thing, and the new hopes had a chance to practice and shine. It was a really great Fed Cup tie, and yes, Vranes made an excellent decision. And I agree with you about Sharapova.

  7. Marija, I’m so sorry for your leg, probably with the right treatment will recover soon, in this day I injured myself, tendinitis in the patella tendon, is so boring not being able to move freely and not be able to play 🙁

  8. Francesca, my leg is much better now, the healing process is going the the right direction. You got injured? Oh lord! How long will you have to stay inactive?

  9. Marija, I’m happy for your leg :), currently I don’t know exactly how long I have to stay inactive, next week I start therapy with laser (what exactly is it I don’t know, I’m just Googled :P) and then physiotherapy, I hope no more than a month, otherwise I come out crazy!

  10. Marija, thank you! 🙂 in the end it seems that it takes about two months before I can resume playing tennis, I have to resign but at least I’ll have more time to comment on the blog hahaha 😛

  11. Francesca, too bad! You’ll have other sources of entertainment, don’t worry. I’ll do my best on my part! 😀


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