Petkovic beats Wozniacki in Miami for first win over No.1

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World No.23 Andrea Petkovic recorded her first victory over a top-ranked player in her first meeting with Caroline Wozniacki, beating the Dane 7-5 3-6 6-3 in the fourth round of the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

The 23-year-old Petkovic had a precise strategy for this encounter and she managed to stick to it. Also, the facts that Wozniacki wasted three set points at 5-4 in the first set, committed more than 50 unforced errors in the match and converted only 5 of 17 break points helped Petkovic become the first German woman since Steffi Graf in 1999 to beat a reigning No.1

“I didn’t try to overpower her because she’s so good at bringing the ball back, so I tried to mix it up a little bit,” Petkovic told Tennis Channel.

Wozniacki, who won her 14th career title a week ago at Indian Wells, will remain No. 1 through at least April 18.

Let’s also mention that seed No.16 Maria Sharapova staged an upset of her own with a 6-4 6-1 defeat of fourth seed Samantha Stosur in the fourth round of the Sony Ericsson Open. (photo: sr_cranks)


  1. I told Caro to put some beers at the entry of the court. 😉 She didn’t follow my advice. Arghhh!

    Let’s hope at least that somebody will post a youtube video of the Petkodance, if she has danced…

  2. Andrea played really nice today, and I’m glad she managed to keep that level till the end. On the other hand, Caro’s forhand was just awful, so much errors. Glad for Maria, but, there is still no much constancy in her game- she can win a whole game with her serve, and in the next make 3 double faults.You never know what to expect from her.

  3. OMG, how did Caro make 50 unforced errors, I watched the match, her forehand was bad, but gush… I still think it was a good match all in all, and Andrea played really great. I think she has a potential for top 10-20, but it’s all in her head. As for Maria, she’s winning, but her game isn’t impressive at all. And as for Caroline’s fashion… 😀

  4. I’m happy that Andrea gave her best performance against Caroline and I believe the large number of errors from Caroline was because of Andrea’s great performance.

    As for Maria, I think her game is really improving for the past 3 weeks. If you look at her game before the injuries definitely her game used to be more fluid and consistent. I believe she will get there again however.

    PS: I dont agree with some of the comments here regarding Sharapova’s serve on that match. She only served 5 double faults which was the same number Stosur produced but Sharapova also served some aces. Definitely not the worst serve performance we have seen from her.

  5. do you think serena williams is better than caroline wozniacki? When they’re both playing their best, i wonder who would win…I guess Serena

  6. Gregoire, she danced, I don’t have a YouTube video though.

    Jacob, I still think Serena is way ahead of Wozniacki when at best.

  7. Gregoire, yeah, that one with Ana is awesome! 🙂 You know I read Petkovic will dance the dance only during Miami and then she’ll switch to something else, some other way of celebrating her victories.

  8. Where did you read it? It would not be wise to do that. It’s her trademark now. And frankly it was an amazing idea! Much better than the grotesque kisses of Sharapova or Wozniacki – not mentioning Nadal hitting his racket like if he were thanking Babolat. Actually, I can’t wait to see an ATP guy to copy! That would be hilarious. Probably only Nole would have the balls to do that. He he, the Serbs (if you count Andrea) rule the fun on the tennis court!

  9. I’m happy for Andrea, I like this girl, she is always smiling and very ironic 🙂 …She played good tennis and I think Caroline has paid above a bit of tiredness.

    About Caroline fashion taste… Classic?? o.O

    It’s nice to see that Maria is finding some continuity, I start to think she’s really on the way back, at first I was skeptical because it was almost a pain to see her play, but in recent months I have personally seen how long it takes to rehabilitate from an injury like that, three months after surgery my father doesn’t have complete mobility of the limb, so it’s only a matter of patience and motivation.

  10. Gregoire, here’s her quote:

    I wanted to get rid of it after the US Open, but the fans, they said like, Hey, we are just coming to see the dance and you’re not doing anymore. So I brought it back in. But this is definitely the last tournament where it’s gonna happen, and then I’m moving on to something else. (Laughter)

    I read it at Forty Deuce:

    About the Serbs bringing the fun, I agree. I love Djokovic and his persona, Jankovic can be classic as well! 😀

    Francesca, haha “o.O” exactly! 🙂

    The problem in tennis is that your career is short and your time to heal is long. 😛

  11. I think Andrea played well but Caroline was obviously knackered. She’s just won Indian Wells so she must be pretty battered from her previous matches. As for Sharapova, I don’t believe in her anymore, her success is a result of a lucky draw but can she make it all the way? I guess not.


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