Chris Evert favors Caroline Wozniacki to win Roland Garros


Once again in time for Roland Garros I had the opportunity to talk to tennis legend, winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles and record seven French Opens, Chris Evert. Actually, I didn’t really talk to her, because there was some confusion in the organization concerning time zones, and we failed to catch up, but fortunately, my questions did reach her.

I was excited to hear that Evert favors Caroline Wozniacki to win the upcoming French Open, in absence of Serena Williams (whom she favored last year) and Kim Clijsters. She thinks that Wozniacki is now in the perfect position to win a Grand Slam – both in terms of her form and with regard to the circumstances.

Evert also talked about the 2011 US Open National Playoffs and the opportunity young American players have. Enjoy the interview!


  1. Bravo Marija! Great questions that you put to Evert regarding Caro and her possible victory at RG this year. Thanks to Chris for her on target answers.

    Nice to see USTA broadening the opportunities for younger players to to earn a spot in the U.S. Open singles qualies. It’s now possible for a 14yr old girl to win this slam and become the youngest in history to win a slam (beating Hingus record).

    BTW first time seeing your pic, really nice! Maybe Maxim and FHM will come calling? 😉

  2. Marija, congrats for getting Chris! She is really a legend. I remember watching her matches at Roland Garros with my mum when I was very very young – OK, I’m not here to talk about my life!

    I’ve always said that Caroline has the greatest chance to win RG because even if she prefers hard-court, the consistency of her game makes her even harder to beat on clay. And she is sliding better and better if you compare between Charleston and Stuttgart.

    I only disagree with one point: Caroline needs to play. She is like a thoroughbred! Her US Open preparation last year was decried – everybody was saying that she played too much – but she reached the semi and she didn’t lose because of running out of gas. She is the kind of players that need to play. The more she plays, the better she plays, the more her opponents have to run and fear her. Anyway, looking at the schedule, there are only two major tournaments left with Madrid and Rome that everybody except the injured will play.

    As for pressure, she deals with it very well. Ask the kangaroos in Australia. The worry is perhaps more to face in the draw a player that manages to play once-in-a-life-time her A game on one day.

    Can’t wait for the French to start. Whatever happens, it’s going to be an exciting tournament on the women side. Go Caro!!!

    PS: USTA is so so desperate for the next US Open about US women tennis players that they are ready to accept any baby on the court! lol

    PPS: You should do a transcript of the interview so that it’s parsed by search engine and copied by some other tennis blogs. It will increase your reach and visibility.

  3. Gongrats for talking to Chris Evert!!! She’s a real legend!

    I hope for Sam Stosur winning Roland Garros. She has to win it after falling to Francesca 🙁 last year.

    But I also think, Caro gots a pretty good chance.

  4. all right, Evert picks wozzy, I pick JJ. Lets hear everyones picks.
    Marija I really hope your blog keeps on growing in popularity. btw, you are very beautiful too

  5. Helen, I’m glad you like my choice of questions. I thought that the Caro GS thing would interest everyone, especially when the prognosis comes from a record RG champion. About my pic, hehe thanks. There has always been one on my About page:

    Marine, I didn’t notice that… You think she’s not happy? And I think she doesn’t care that much. 😛

    Gregoire, I agree with all your points, about Caroline’s period of rest vs. the need to play, her dealing with pressure, … Haha baby on the court 🙂 And great idea about the transcript, I will do it! You’re absolutely right.

    P!nky, you pick JJ? 🙂 Hmmm, not so sure. Although, I don’t know whom to pick, it’s so difficult. You see how Caroline lost yesterday to Goerges. You can never ever know. And thanks for the compliment 🙂 And the injuries and stuff.

    Patricia, thank you. I hope I’ll have more interviews in the future.

  6. Marija, I get the feeling that Caroline is not very popular with the US tennis commentators and other insiders. Evert definitely didn’t seem too excited about her… 😛
    Good luck with future interviews! I hope you’ll get one of the top players at the moment to share their views as well. I think Caro would welcome the change after all the reporters who always remind her she is yet to win a Grand Slam.

  7. Remember when JJ got to the top spot without a GS title, Safin did the same, Wozzy as well. where is it written y’all need a GS title to be #1

  8. Nowhere, that’s the thing. I think all this no.1 without a slam is just a good topic for the media so they won’t let it go no matter what otherwise there’d be not enough topics to write about…

  9. Marine, I understand. Well, she certainly wouldn’t favor Caroline in other circumstances.

    Thanks for good wishes. 😉

    P!nky, now that Brianti won her first title at 31, it’s a great reminder that it’s never too late. Maybe JJ will win her first GS at 30 while ranked 70th… Just saying.

  10. Chris Evert is always wrong. There’s no way Caroline will win the French. The surface requires powerful shots. Caroline got beat off the court at the French by Daniela who has more power. See what I mean.


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