Future Adidas and Nike dresses


Things in tennis are happening fast, the French Open finished just yesterday and the grass is already under players’ feet, so let’s have a quick look at some Wimbledon whites that the biggest brands of Adidas and Nike prepared for their players. Actually, in the case of Adidas we also have a peek at the US Open dresses.

Adidas Adizero line, worn by Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova, will present an Adizero Feather dress with pleats on front of skirt, open back and discreet, light artwork on front of the top part.

After the cut you can see a sneak picture of Ivanovic wearing the dress, and you can also see the dress in pink and blue, most probably dedicated to the US Open.

This time, however, I’m much more excited about Adidas’ Adipure line that Flavia Pennetta wears. Don’t you love this dress? It reminds me of Fila’s style, a little bit old school, but with a modern touch. So awesome!

At Tennis Warehouse you can see all the new Adidas tennis clothes.

As for Nike, Wimbledon champion in 2004, Maria Sharapova, will wear the Maria Ace Lawn dress. Nothing really interesting about it, in my opinion. Nike played it safe this time. What do you think? (via: AnitaIvanovic, Zimbio)


  1. I love the adidas dress, but not sure about the colours… they are exactly the same colours that Ana was wearing at the Aus Open 2009 (purple) and French Open 2009 (blue).

    The Nike dress is simple, but has a great shape/silhoutte…. i dont think the photo does it justice.

  2. I really like the Adizero Feather dress, especially the white version (will be the charm of Wimbledon :P), but the Adipure dress is so cute! Current and classic at the same time, beautiful, I can not wait to see it worn 😀

    About Masha’s dress, I don’t know… I think the shape is perfect for her body figure, but the dress in itself doesn’t attract my attention…

  3. I really like Adizero, but prefer the colourful variations. Adipure is a little bit too classic for me, but than again, I am not a big fan of Fila neither.
    As for Nike, oh yes, they are playing it very safe this year. I think that dress is a bit plain, nothing about it, really. I wonder what ANTA has got to offer. Any news, Marija?

  4. Maria’s dress is nothing new, golden details, and style too similar to her Miami and RG one. It’s pretty, but i was expecting a lot more. Adidas is pretty, as always. I hope Ana will wear these dresses more often. And Adipure dress is a pleasant suprise, can’t wait to see it live, too bad Flavia is in bad form. 🙂

  5. I also thought that the Nike dress is very similar to the blue Miami dress and yellow Paris dress.

    What about Stella McCartney range? I have seen Caro’s navy paris dress in white, or perhaps she will wear new design altogether…

  6. K07, the colors do resemble the 2009 ones, although the old designs were better, in my opinion. 😛 As for Stella, I was thinking about that as well, but I don’t have confirmed information yet.

    Francesca, this time I find Adipure much better and more current than Adizero. Adizero is pretty, that’s true, but simply not exceptional like their spring line.

    Marine, no news for Anta yet, when I find something I will share it. Also if you see something, do let me know. 😉

    Mirjana, the golden details were awesome a couple of years ago, especially for Wimbledon. But now I think they should’ve brought something different. Still, Maria might wear it well, and accompanied by her earrings and other accessories it could look awesome.

  7. i love adizero dresses! that details in the front are very similar as stella’s 2010 dress that caroline used on the first half of the year! The white version is my favorite, the pink is very similar as the 2010 dress for us open, but i like it also..personal i don’t like the blue!
    for adipure dres..well i have to see it in flavia, now i can’t make an opinion about it!
    I like maria’s dress, is very simple, but cool, but i also think that is the same as miami and rg dress, but it will suit beautiful on maria’s body! 🙂

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing the shirt and the skirt from the adizero collection for the US Open. I hope I’ll be able to combine the white shirt with a blue or pink skirt, it would be cool!

  9. The “feather” dress is bad. Don’t like it and don’t like how adidas are using the same colour combo AND material.

    Seriously Adidas whats wrong with green, navy, red, yellow even! There are thousands of colous so why keep using the same ones!

  10. I like them all. I dont love any of them though. I think maria’s dress should have an open back like at the french open, i love those kind of dresses. Ana and Daniella will look really cute in those dresses im sure, i love the purple colour…not so much the blue

  11. The adidas dress for Wimbledon is lovely and I love the blue colour for later in the year, it’s quite similar to Ivanovic’s dress from AO 2008. Even though Sharapova’s dress seems a little plain, I think it’ll look great when she wears it.

  12. Brenda, that dress you posted is the 2008 US Open dress Maria Sharapova was supposed to wear but she missed it due to injury…


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