Wozniacki starts Wimbledon confidently, Serena cries happy tears


World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki and twice defending champion Serena Williams both won their opening matches at Wimbledon 2011.

The top-seeded Wozniacki complained about the wind which was changing the course of her shots, but still she straightforwardly won her first match on grass this season 6-2 6-1 against world No.105 Arantxa Parra Santonja. Wozniacki’s number of winners was not much greater than her opponent’s, just 14 to 11, but the greater discrepancy in unforced errors gave Wozniacki the obvious advantage, 4 to 15.

Remember that as a Wimbledon warm-up Wozniacki played, and won, a hard-court tournament?

Serena had a tough test in the first round against world No.61 Aravane Rezai and after a 6-3 3-6 6-1 victory sealed with her 13th ace, Serena, who had been away with injury and illness for almost a year, was overwhelmed with emotions, put her head in a towel and wept. I’d like to mention that Serena hit 9 aces more than her opponent, but when it comes to winners, she had just two more, 24 to 22.

As I’m talking about Serena and Caroline in the same article, I’d like to mention Serena’s recent interview in which she actually praises the current state of women’s tennis.

I think the tour’s doing fine. Great new campaigns going on, so much going on in women’s tennis. There’s so much depth in women’s tennis. It’s good. Everyone’s playing so hard.

Fashion info: Wozniacki is sticking with her weird Adidas by Stella McCartney ruffles, only now in white. Serena is sporting a Fila-like Nike dress with a deep V-neck and a vertical black line as an accent. The name of the dress is Nike Women’s Fall Smash Lawn Dress.


  1. I’m not so sure of Serena chances, she’s still has a lot to improve, but if she doesn’t loose much energy in the next rounds she can go far. As for the outfits, Caro’s dress looks better in white, maybe because she’s not wearing any neon-colour details. Serena’s dress is pretty and classic, and she wears a cool sweater, similar to Roger’s past look.:D But i mind one thing- black shorts. This year i’ve seen a lot of players (Serena, Venus, Hantuchova) with coloured shorts, even bra, avoiding all-white rule, which i don’t like. I get it, it’s not really a wardrobe, but c’mon this is Wimby, just be classic and don’t go against the grass, and tradition. 😀

  2. Just my opinions: Caro’s match against Parra Santonja was almost a W/O. Santonja is one of the worst players, no wonder the kid is ranked outside the top 100 – playing the world’s #1 on CC probably didn’t help her nerves.

    Interesting how the same two good-looking male reps from Adidas were again watching from Caro’s box. They were with her at AO and have gone out socializing with her (dinner and soccer games, source: Caro’s twitter). The brand is obviously proud and protective of their fresh-faced star.

    Concerning Caro’s dress, it was revealing around the bra area (was the court cold or maybe Woz’s match was so easy her mind was on something else, lol). Caro’s road to the quarters has some minefields, notably Gajdosova and Dominika/Goerges.

  3. These are just warm-up rounds, the real fun will begin on day 3. I think Gajdosova wont be too much to handle for Caro but Goerges/Cibulkova beat her before so she will be looking for revenge 🙂

  4. These are just warm-up rounds, the real fun will begin on day 3. I think Gajdosova wont be too much to handle for Caro but Goerges/Cibulkova beat her before so she will be looking for revenge 🙂

  5. Some other things about the Serena/Rezai match that would make her cry tears:

    1. During Serena’s first service game, a loud annoying siren started and stayed on for most of her serve.

    2. The linesperson called a footfault on her during the first service game and about 4 more during the match.

    3. Serena was up 40-15 when Rezai’s ball went long and Chair umpire Allyson Lang said 40-30, Serena said the ball was called out so don’t I win the game? After having played the mindgame card, Lang reluctantly corrected herself and gave the game to Serena.

    Serena had much more than Rezai to contend with… for sure.


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